PSP Leaked tools!

Well Last year...Then again, a few years ago, Someone at sony got fired, And A Bunch of Sony's UMD tools where leaked and ended up on the internet somewhere, somehow.

With this you can...Just read the quotes.
Quote:For everyone who is retarded. It's not JUST for UMD stuff. You can use it to make gameboots, CIntros, and other stuff.
Another Quote:With them you can do a bunch of things like create custom gameboots and other things.

I am Not responsible if the FBI comes to your door for you downloading this, though it is highly unlikely, Don't blame me.

Link: Download
Password: fosser2

It includes English and Japanese readme's and PDF's showing how to use it.

Be sure to screw the "SCEI_confidential.txt" Screw it, and delete it.

And don't mention me in anything about it whatsoever!

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cormac30508 years ago
What's a gameboot?
ReCreate (author)  cormac30508 years ago
Its the little slash screen when you turn on your psp and when you start a game, before this was leaked it was impossible to make a gameboot
So, you could add your own comments, or your own buttons? (Like an other music button or something?)
ReCreate (author)  Rock Soldier8 years ago
What? No, Let me explain again, A gameboot is a 2.5 second long Video Clip with sound, That is played When you turn on your PSP(its called something.pmf) and when you start homebrew/a game(gameboot.pmf)
Oh. So you can make your own one and view it?
ReCreate (author)  Rock Soldier8 years ago
You can make your own and put it on the PSP, so you can enjoy a custom gameboot.