ok guys is it possible to control a remote computer with a psp??? if so how would i do it? Is it even possible with the memory on a psp? Please give me help i would love to use my computer from a psp a starbucks!! so please respond because i know all of you here are smart and can answer so please do .

HOMEPIE64 (author) 10 years ago
Wow this is amazing maybee i wont have to carry my laptop around just show people pics or files... and i could use my psp to give them files per haps? thankyou for answering though i think i will use theese answers for a lot of fun.
josh9217610 years ago
Yes its very possible!

See this and this

guyfrom7up10 years ago
using some homebrew you can do stuff on your computer, and there's a program that basically takes a picture of your pc screen everysecond and strteams it to your psp. For streaming videos of your PC to your psp use pimpstreamer