Do you guys think I can build this? ( I have the money to make it ) If so, Do you think it will sink?

Picture of PVC BOAT?
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if you expect it to hold you, then it will definitely not work....
seriously, rubber bands arent meant to hold the structure of a boat. neither is hot glue.
let me put this into a analogy that you might understand. you cant get a full sized rocket into space on a model rocket engine
I can...
Chuck Norris can...
Not half as fast as me though, that and unlike me he never caught E.T.
After you drown, can I have your stuff?. Seriously, google 6 hour canoe.
tomonto8 years ago
i seriously doubt that hot glue, rubber bands, and "floats" will make a boat capable of holding a stick never mind, a person.
jtobako8 years ago
A real world example of where math is useful! Most of your material is neutrally buoyant, so you have to calculate the volume of air that will support whatever you are putting in the boat plus the weight of the boat, figure out how deep you want the boat to float (where the water line will be), and make the floats able to support that weight (how much water is displaced).
There's already a PVC boat on instructables... Also for attachment just use PVC cement, it's better off in the long run. You might wish to consider using one of those woven blue tarps as an extra inner hull lining, giving you plenty of time if you spring a leak since it's waterproof and very tough.
Kiteman8 years ago
Have a look at other boat-building Instructables first, pinch their good ideas or concepts, and then see what you think you can manage.

(Three things to consider - what do you want o do in the boat, how many people/how much stuff do you want in the boat, and what kind of water are you going to use it on?)
Juklop8 years ago
Lol, hot glue.
LinuxH4x0r8 years ago