PVC Post


I'm a soccer coach.  I'd like to make some inexpensive posts to serve as obstacles/markers that I can use indoors.  I have 5' pvc pipe, but can't seem to locate or concoct something to hold the posts upright both affordably and that aren't too wide to get in the way of the players or the soccer ball.  Ideally, I'd have something that is only a few inches wide with a 3/4" hole in the center to hold my 3/4" pvc.  

Thus far, the best thing I can come up with are a few 2.5/5lb thick plastic weight plates where the center hole happens to be just about 3/4" wide.  Those seem to quite difficult to come by though!  The next closest thing I've found were either heavy steel flanges or rubber mounts specifically designed to hold plastic posts.  At $8 or more/each though, I was hoping to find something a little less expensive.

Anyone have any ideas? 

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Toga_Dan10 months ago

I've done this before. Maybe I'll do an ible.

mtairymd10 months ago

PVC pipe flanges would be an easy solution. However, they cost around $7 each.


You could make square blocks with a 3/4" hole in the center from a scrap 2x4. If you can't find scrap, purchase a 2x4 x 96" for around $3. You should be able to get at 25 blocks from a single board ($0.12/block).

Downunder35m10 months ago

Safety bollards including the rubber bottom plate go for under 20 bucks here new, might be an idea to visit your local work safety shop?

caitlinsdad10 months ago

Round up the kids to collect large plastic milk containers or empty detergent containers. I'm not sure what pvc pipe fits over a 3/4 inch pipe but cut a length to make a mounting sleeve. Embed that with sand in the bottle or some patching cement(sand mix without the big rocks/cast a hole for the pipe). Duct tape all over if you need to protect the gym floor. Best of all, they have handles built in. Good luck.

tomatoskins10 months ago

I would think that a flat metal plate with a pipe welded in the vertical position to accept the PVC would be the most stable without getting in the way of the players. Other than that maybe a small bucket of cement?