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Suppose I'm on this page .At the bottom I can advance to pages 2, 3, 4, 191, or 192. How can I go to other pages easily, say page 94 or 127?

42etus (author) 8 months ago

Thanks kiteman, I'm aware of the 60 offset, but what I'd like to see is a box that one could enter a page # into and be directed to that page. Most other sites use that method to access pages beyond the current one.

I'm surprised that the site programmers haven't done so.

Quite frankly adding "X*60" to the url is a pain in the a$$ and doesn't always get you to the page you're looking for.

Kiteman 42etus8 months ago

Maybe an infinite scroll would be better?

Kiteman8 months ago

Add this on the end of the URL, where "X" = any number that is a multiple of 60.