Pager Motors

Is it possible to buy a pager motor, rather than ripping it out of an old phone or pager? If so, where would I go? (And if not, where would I go...)

I'm looking to build a vibrobot, but don't have the motor.

Alternatively, is their something else I could use instead?

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Goodhart6 years ago
Besides the Electronic Gold Mine, there is also "All Electronics" and American Science and Surplus, among a few others.
Kiteman9 years ago
What about an old electric toothbush?

I have one where the head doesn't spin, it's just the whole brush vibrates - there must be an eccentric motor in there.
Yes those colgate disposables.
yep, you just have to add a weight to it
no need they have the weight attached already.
well all of the tooth brushes that I've ever tooken apart (my english got reallly bad there, lol) is just a motor turning a crank that moves the end up and down and in a circuilar motion, and because everything is moving it createsa virbration, no weight is attached to the motor
The kind where the head actually moves around, relative to the rest of the toothbrush, have cranks, but there are cheaper ones with an actual pager motor in them, where the eccentric weight makes the whole brush buzz.

Oh right, guess it depends on the brush, these ones seem to be specifically designed to vibrate, they're 'disposables' aimed at younger people...
You could construct the whole bot from just the toothbrush!

MCzone Kiteman6 years ago
Nice, and thanks to every one, now I have a year supply of mini motors
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