Parkour Pain

I have been doing some jumps from high altitudes of about 10ft (running and jumping off). My question is when I land my innards start to hurt like my stomach and intestines. How bad is this for my health and will the feeling go away after time has passed and the organs become immune the shock?

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The Jamalam9 years ago
Also, if you want to be able to take more of an impact and be able to pull yourself up, trydoing 20 pressups, situps and jacknives every day like I do. My biceps got bigger within the first four days,and I'm developing a nice 6 pack :)
I've been doing parkour for quite a while now, i get good practice because I live in the middle of chicago, when your jumping you should turn all high jumps into rolls otherwise you'll be taking avoidable damage. search for how to roll videos
Pat Sowers (author)  astrozombies13810 years ago
i do the rolls.
lol you've said that about 10 times in this forum topic
I'd be more worried about my knees later in life if I were you. My dads knees are screwed now from years of marathon running(London marathon, tough guy runs etc). Jumping from the heights your on about definitely won't do them any good. Free Running is really fun to watch though! I loved the beginning of the new bond film.
Pat Sowers (author)  Mr Slippy Fist10 years ago
it was cool how they got a free runner in that movie! I love free running!
Have you played assassins creed yet then?
Pat Sowers (author)  Mr Slippy Fist10 years ago
YUP!!!! OMG its so cool!
I liked it up until about the third mission then I realized all the missions are pretty much exactly the same after that! The gameplay is really good though.
Pat Sowers (author)  Mr Slippy Fist10 years ago
i only played a small amount of it because its my bro's.
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