Paint problem (winxp) Case image too big!!

Err..... art,tech or games, which one, oh its to do with art, lets go with art.

At the time of writing, i could literaly destory paint (WinXP Prog), i spent 5 hours on making a custom wii case (well, paper selotaped onto wii), carefully measuring and converting values, and then it has the descensy to go and make the image bigger than it acctully need to be?!!! i spent ages just converting the damn CM measurements to pixels. please, someone shed light on to what happend.

If you want to know what the pics and measurements are, there here!
Measurements (CM)
Wii Right Side:
Backside ([==]<) H:13.9
Backside W:19.6
Backside Corner:2.5

wii Left Side W:20.7
H:Same as RS
Back Side (>[==]) W:19
Backside H: Same as RS
Corner: Same as RS

Wii FacePlate:
W:4.45 (From Side to Side)
W:3.6 (From Corner edge (\|) to side)

Power Btn:
X1:1.5 X2:2
Y1:0.6 y2:2

Reset Btn:
Height: 0.4
Width: 1.5
X1:2.9 X2:3.4
y1:0.6 y2:2

SD Cover
x1:4.8 x2:11
y1:0.6 y2:2

Eject Btn:
Height: 0.5
Width: 1.5
x1:13.7 x2:14.3
y1:0.6 y2:2

Disc Slot:
x1:1.3 x2:14.4
y1:2.9 y2:3.8
x:1.1 Disc-S to bottom

images % Design:

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ultimatesx9 (author) 9 years ago
done!!! Fireworks, then print with paint or FW, and viola!! I'll post images soon......
gmjhowe9 years ago
erm, my advice would be to do it in a better program, paint is only usefull for messing, and cropping print screens, something free like the gimp would be best -
You shud be able to put your paint image file into that and resize it.
ultimatesx9 (author)  gmjhowe9 years ago
Will fireworks 8 do?
*shudders* yes fireworks shud do it, tho im not a fan...
ultimatesx9 (author)  gmjhowe9 years ago
Not many people are, but hey, it works!!