Paint recycle centers

Here you can look up paint recycle centers in your area and get contact info.
Please recycle!

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FaqMan9 years ago
Wait how many are in PA?
Goodhart FaqMan9 years ago
about 103, but then being this is a big state and some of those listed for PA are actually in NY or NJ......AND they don't list my local one.
NachoMahma9 years ago
. I hope others have better luck. The only facility listed for my state isn't even in my state (but it is near the border). :( And no mention of the hazmat incinerator, <5 miles from my house, that has free household waste (paint included) collection days.
I know where ours is, it isn't far from my home, but it wasn't listed at that site *shrug*
. I clicked on "View all states" and there's only ~103 entries. Only eight in California and a measly four in NY. Did you notice that three of the four entries for PA are in NY or NJ. Great idea, but not carried out very well. Oh well, maybe it will help a few ppl.
Hopefully they can develop the site to be more accurate and have more entries.
. PS: If anyone wants to look deeper, the technical/generic term is "household hazardous waste" (HHW). Earth911 looks like a good place to start.