Painting on leather

We'll I am about to make an instructable on painting and sewing with a leather jacket, my problem is I went to the art store and they did not have acrylic based paint markers, they only had oil based, the worker said that oil based would work fine but I am skeptical, Will oil based pain tmarkers work on leather?

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why dont you get acrylic paints? i used that on mine just get sand paper and rub it on the spots you want to paint and take a brush dipped in water and get the leather slightly wet so the leather absorbs the paint better (to prevent cracks) and then paint over those spots with the acrylic.
just use the damn little paint markers, they work PERFECTLY!!!!!!
KentsOkay9 years ago
Sharpies aren't oil based, and all the paints there are acrylic base. But they do specify vegetable tanned, a chrome tanned leather might not have a problem with oils...
Keep looking, they have oil-based leather paint.
Where? Not on the page you linked to.
Ehm, did you hit next?
Yes. And checked the index under 'Paint'.
*scratches head* They must have discontinued...
yup,i used them all over my vest, they work fine