Pancake crane from a pancake master

Pancakes are awesome just being their lovely fluffy selves, but others have found that they can also be a great way to express yourself as well. Here on Instructables we've seen them made in cool shapes and printed on, but the site Jim's Pancakes takes it to a whole new level with all sorts of creations Jim makes for his daughter like the crane below. Great stuff.

Jim's Pancakes via neatorama

Picture of Pancake crane from a pancake master
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Goodhart7 years ago
There you go !  Using your Cranium to make a breakfast crane ;-)
Everlong7 years ago
Haha! Amazing :-D Engineering you can eat...
Heh.  Load bearing pancakes.  I wouldn't have thought it possible.

In fact I still don't think its possible.   Every pancake I've ever experienced has been floppy, floppy like the clocks in those paintings by Salvador Dali

How this guy, Jim,  turned floppy pancake batter into a towering space frame is something I don't quite understand.

Maybe pancakes get stronger if one lets them dry out?
Lindie7 years ago
Interesting.  But why?
fungus amungus (author)  Lindie7 years ago
To entertain his 3 year-old daughter
kelseymh Lindie7 years ago
Why not?  (Most) little kids love anything unusual: my two-year-old is thoroughly amused by vehicles carrying vehicles, like car bike-racks.  Something edible in the shape of a machine is totally awesome ;-)
Lindie Lindie7 years ago
I probably shouldn't have asked why.  It is pretty cool!  I create, just never thought of doing it with food.  Fun idea!
What I wanna know is how...?

*Looks at link* Oh

zascecs Lindie7 years ago
'could be a hobby... 
Cruzer_AU7 years ago
Pancakes...  Is there anything they cant do?
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