Pandemonium '10

It's time for Pandemonium 2010. Who's coming?

Date: June 26th.

Location: Fremont, OH

I'll post more information later. Rules for the games may be found on KI.

Have any questions? Come ask them in #KIchat.

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~Aeronous~7 years ago
I'll come. one question though, where is 'Fremont, OH'?
It is in Ohio, in the city of Fremont.
TheChemiker7 years ago
Damn rectangle zkar v3 1 br8's 2 nars and 2 tr18s. Nice arsenal. How many knex do you have left over?
It's 2 BR8's although one is a slamfire. Behind all those guns is a box full of more knex. He probably has a lot left.
DJ Radio7 years ago
It might help to link to the topic on KI.
You could have done that yourself.
I meant put it in the thread. And make the link work.
Okay... hopefully everyone knows how to copy and paste though.
I don't!
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