Pandemonium 2011

Hello ibbelz, would anybody like to stop by Pandemonium 2011 this year?

Provided you can make it, it'd be fun to have some people other than the regulars stop by for once.

Here's a video of last year's war if you are wondering what's going on:

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crestind6 years ago
There will also be an afterparty with free coffee and chocolate cake.
Mepain (author)  crestind6 years ago
You aren't even going.
crestind Mepain6 years ago
Mepain (author) 6 years ago
So this got postponed until next weekend because Zak wanted to go. That's July 2nd.
what state is it in and when is it
Follow the link and read.
k thanks
DJ Radio6 years ago
Wouldn't be able to go until next year, though I am interested as to what would you guys add to this year's war compared to last year's?
TheDunkis6 years ago
For once, I am able to go. But I don't really have the money or the patience, sadly. Could you do us (well, me, but I know how much you care) a favor and mix it up this year? Try shotguns, maybe just a MeZak for a round, etc. Don't rangewhore, but try to take advantage of other weapon's abilities and see if they do any good. I'm just curious. But it's your war.
Mepain (author)  TheDunkis6 years ago
We did a lot of stuff like that last year, you'd be surprised how much diversity in guns there actually is (not all of KI are "range whores"). We made specific rule types that made shotguns very useful, maybe even overpowered. Each player was given more than one hit, and each time they were shot with one piece or ammo, it counted as a hit.
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