Paper Mache

Hey i want to make a mask with my son of paper mache. Now i read somewhere that some wallpaper glues are bad because they cause rashes on the face. I bought one from Bison (becasue it was the only one they had) but how can i find out if this is a good one or not without giving my 4 year old a itching face?

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lemonie8 years ago
Cover your son's face in Vaseline first. I'd recommend PVA glue. L
bumpus8 years ago
The easiest recipe for Paper Mache is:
  • 1 part flour : 2 parts water.
Add a tad bit of salt if you plan on keeping the mix overnight.
TrickyD (author)  bumpus8 years ago
I've read that on sites to use flour, but is that really strong? I'm making a simple mask first, but if it works out, i want to make something bigger, will this flour solution be strong enough? also i live in a warm humid climate, does that matter, will it stay strong?
I use watered down wood glue for papier mache but you can search for the "wheatpaste" instructables to hear out other opinions and applications of such.
bumpus TrickyD8 years ago
It should do a good job, just have a few layers of it. Only downside is the ~24 hour dry time. :-\
caitlinsdad8 years ago
You could always apply in an inconspicuous spot to see if there is any reaction but if you don't want to do it the test lab way, mock up the first layer with just plain cardboard and school glue. Apply the paper mache over it after you take it off. You could always line the mask with a layer of felt glued or hot glued on. Are you making an animal/character mask or are you doing one of those lifelike casts of your son's face? The body cast thing is more complicated but you could still do something as a barrier layer or final layer coating that is safer. Good luck.
TrickyD (author)  caitlinsdad8 years ago
I'm not making a cast of his face, but he is going to wear it on his face. But the tip about the felt is very good, thanks!!