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This is a forum for paper model enthusiasts. Post you paper crafts pics, ideas, and what your working on here.

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the poodleo6 years ago
hers my little fishing boat
aj01-01 (author) 8 years ago
ok so here is where I am so far with the AK47
I going to modify the parts so I can make it shoot ( i wasn't going to..but I got inspired by HIVLTGE1's comments lol)
here is my design
Kaiven8 years ago
Bah! I have too many photos xD I'll see if I can get some up later, including the guitar.
aj01-01 (author)  Kaiven8 years ago
geez, wow, very nice job on the guitar! I was like that model? or the real thing? awesome guns to, that revolver looks pretty awesome in blue
Kaiven aj01-018 years ago
Yeah, that was before I painted it xD
Kaiven8 years ago
So I got my two old Glock 17s, the Colt Python before painting and stuff, my guitar (Squier Stratocaster), and a random sci-fi gun I am still working on. Making more paper guns soon, and I actually just built a paper butterfly knife.
aj01-01 (author) 8 years ago
The Aston Martin DBR-9 in the pic above is available for download here..
aj01-01 (author) 8 years ago
This it pretty much a show and tell forum.
I will make that car one day...right now i'm working on an AK47
The parts are on this instructable. (it used to be on a website along with a lot of other awesome guns I wish I made..)
I'm going to make some modifications as I go