Paper gun Challenge

OK i have 1 quite simple challenge and the winner will have a sneak peek of a new impossible paper gun that i am trying to make and its like !@#$@ CRAZY HARD TO MAKE but the winner will see wath i am trying to do and by winning that person makes me feel happy :D so the evant is make any gun i made (just 1) and it haves to be 1 of my totorials. Make a vid on youtube and the name haves to be Undermigs paper gun evant and your name after it. if you invent you lose points thats all cause its not that contess. things i WILL judge is the following; 1 How far you gun goes and plz tell me exacly how many feet it whent. How buitifull or how well done and has to say Undermig is the coolest! i will give a coment on your youtube vid and tell you how many stars on 10 i rate it. plz put your youtube link on this comment area. ty you have 2weeks for this competition

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Am I the only one who actually entered officially
altrobot8 years ago
Can we make them rubber band powered?
Undermig (author)  altrobot8 years ago
watch and weep even though i invented the gun
I'm building a super awesome colt 45. with pullback mechanism
Damn i was working on a paper 44 magnum with swing out action... But my dog tore it up...
Undermig (author)  Flash Gordon8 years ago
lol so are you dowing my challenge???
Sure Ill accept your challenge. If by next week Saturday I dont have my Paper Revolver complete ill give up. its all i can up with...
Undermig (author)  Flash Gordon8 years ago
it haves to be 1 gun that i have made a totorial only. if you want you can be creative and modify the gun so it will shoot far. like my g3a3 1 mod i would do to it is a bolt. bolt action are the best thing to paper gun with hols in them like my g2,uzy,mg,m200 so yea ima a bolt action freak. to cover up the holes you made in the gun to let the bollet go threw. If i would have posted my shot gun every one woulda made that gun and win thats why im waiting after contess to post it it haves a min. of 10 feet and goes up to like 37 feet.
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