Paper model gun preview!

Ok, in this topic, i will post some pictures of the instructable that is coming.. making a paper model gun!


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jotism8 years ago
BTW do they actually shoot stuff (lol jokeing)
Kiteman9 years ago
I say, they're rather good. To echo Adam, do they actually fire?
jotism Kiteman8 years ago
read the postd above yours and mine and you WILL find out
Daydaydl8 years ago
Thanks Man I Was Looking all over for this paper guns... it a lil hard putting them together...... how do I print them out life size?
Social Studies and my gym teacher last year.
Yeah, it's better than all the k'nex guns so just do it. I'll be waiting for it.
It's a great toy. And they just look dangerous to use!
From the Paleo period.
Yeah, my gym teacher last yeah had one and threw it nearly 300 feet.
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