Paper quilling machine

Hi! I found this machine for paper quilling (a craft I love to do) and I wonder if someone could make something alike.

Hope you can access the video in Facebook.

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shazni1 year ago

The video is not there...but there is a new electrical quilling tool ! I guess it took 7 years to come out!

Bard2 years ago

I never quilled, but could one take a paper clip straighten it out, then fold it in half next stick the ends in a cordless drill set to miniumum tention? Finally feed the end of the paper in the slot created by the wire? (if wire is too weak one could get a thicker piece of wire)

My other idea would be to mount a couple of nails in the center of a lazy susan. if one needed more control.

AnkitaA12 years ago

Hi...even I am looking forward to develop a machine for quilling to lessen the manual effort...anyone had anything developed successfully? How does a drill machine help in quilling ?

shazni3 years ago

The video is unavailable. I want to make one. Being playing around with something like that. Only I want to slow down the motor. Trying to figure that out. Do you happen to have the video downloaded?

USvet6 years ago
My husband created a tool using a miniature drill that does the same thing. The problem is that it's difficult to maintain the correct tension on the paper. The other problem is the cost. We found we'd have to sell it for almost $50 in order to just break even (cost of the drill plus the work he had to do to create the specialized bit). I find it's much easier to just use the tools he created for me with the wide handles.
Goodhart8 years ago
If, as jessy suggests one uses a hand drill motor or a Dremel ® motor, it would be advisable to either gear it down a lot or have a speed control on it. You wouldn't want it to run TOO fast :-)
It doesn't look like it would be that hard to make, but sadly - electronics and machinery are not my strong point. :P You could probably use an old drill or something similar to that, perhaps with a modified bit?