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Hey guys, I need some suggestions. I'm wanting to build a canon type device that will toss/shoot/push out a newspaper that is rolled up, onto peoples porchs. I do paper route delivery, and getting out of the car for houses setting kind of a ways back is a pain. Or just having to get out everyime kind of sucks. I'm thinking more along the lines of something that is spring loaded. Also, one problem is when you roll up the news paper, you use rubber bands. But if I were to have a chamber where the paper when down into it, the rubber bands would affect how the paper slid out the gun, since rubber bands of course having a rubbery consistancy that would almost be like a rubbery shoe bottom stopping suddenly on a basketball court, putting a brake on it's velocity. Anyhow, and ideas would be great. PVC type canon with a spring inside seems like that might be functional, but how would the locking device work, etc. etc...

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jdyer36 years ago
use papers not paintballs
Evox_Rider6 years ago
I can recall seeing kids in movies, riding their bike and loading papers into this launcher thing attached to the handlebars and it flung papers up the drive ways. Can't think of what the movie was though...
EpicZombie7 years ago
1.get a arrow (a real arrow)and a real bow.
2.attach the the newspaper to the arrow.(wrap it around the arrow)
3 use the arrow and shoot the arrow to the people.
4.click this link for help.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4Ccfpwc6bg&annotation_id=annotation_698221&feature=iv
Shadowmang8 years ago
get a large water balloon slingshot and take out the window and mount it so you can launch papers through the window.
roller258 years ago
how do u get paper route?
knexpert699 years ago
go to www.myaircannons.com it has sick as cannons like a toilet paper cannon . that would work for you but its powered by an aircompressor lol .though there is a newspaper cannon there that isnt powered by aircompressor but by surper rubber bands but it costs like $170 to buy the whole thing but you should check out the site theres like everything related to cannons that wont fully kill someone besides the ULTRA POWER SUPER TOMATO LAUCHER/WATER BALLOON LAUNCHER . trust me i bought it ,shot a tomato at sum1 while he was riding a bike and slam he went off like a cannon ,i was 71ft away its so fun!!!it costs $279 btu its worth it . it might fit newspapers as it fits 10 tomatoes in 1 shot
and btw if your using it as a paper route either aim at the mailbox or the ground as if you aim at the door ... well lets just say dont use it on a paper route ... its awesome when ur friend has 1 cuz we wer shootin eachutha with water balloons . at a safe distance of course.over 1 acre we do it like every day o and also just one thing that i did wrong I USED A CHILI FILLED WATER BALLOON he was blind for 3 days but it happens you just accidentaly mix up water with blended chili til its a liquit these things do happen
jtobako9 years ago
Make the rubber band work for you not against you-use a cup that rides in the barrel (or along a beam like a crossbow) or use a cup on an arm (like a catapult). I can see calibration being a problem-the arc of fire and where on the target-I mean house-you hit depending on how far you pull the spring.
jasonmluna (author)  jtobako9 years ago
That's a good idea. Didn't think of that.
jtobako's idea is great, something along the line of a slingshot, rig your car window frame.. Can pull it even while sitting on the driver seat, and aim accordingly..
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