What is Paracord?

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rolandp117 years ago
Where can i purchase the buckle and lanyard hooks?
TSC (author)  rolandp117 years ago
I  do not no!!!
just answered my own question
feel fre to respond though
mikeasaurus7 years ago
I recently saw a belt made from rope instructable, to which Fungus replied saying it's not paracord (link)

Yet per the wik article, paracord is defined:
"lightweight nylon kernmantle rope.... [with] no overall diameter requirements for the cord itself."
If I understand the spirit of what this contest is intending to showcase, then almost any project that satisfies the definition and uses cord creatively should fit the bill. To ensure all projects/entrants are on the same page, you might need to include language that better defines what paracord is, and isn't.
You're picking only one detail out there and it's misleading since you seem to imply that the rope can be 2 inches thick and be OK. There are requirements beyond just being lightweight and nylon on that page as well. A certain length per pound for example.

Also, I have a hard time believing that anyone would be terribly confused about what paracord is after doing a simple Google search. It's cheap and available from many places as well.

But, to be specific, paracord is typically 550 cord. It has a nylon sheath and 7 strands in the core. If someone found one of the less common types also listed on that page like 750 cord that would be fine as well.

The example you mention was clearly not paracord since it was over twice as thick as 550 cord. A single strand paracord belt would be pretty painful to wear.
that's the clarity I was looking for, thanks for the reply.
Jayefuu7 years ago
By adding that link here you broke wikipedia Jayefuu :p

I was on wikipedia and it worked fine then I copied this link in my browser and now wikipedia is down :p
Mua ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaa

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