Parents too cautious

Do you guys think parents are too cautious? A normal parent won't let me do any of the stuff that I or any other teen on instructables do.

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Its good that parents care but sometimes its too much when they become hover copters and never let their children get "dirty". After all, how are children going to learn if they never make mistakes?
I was allowed to play with fire, cut with sharp nail scissors, play with knives, an ax and even a blow torch. I was always supervised, sometimes not when I was sneaky ;) but I grew up well rounded. I never caused any thing to burn down, never poked my eye out, cut my leg off, although I did accidentally cut my finger when I was using a razor blade and or a knife while cutting food but it was just a little cut and I learn to be careful more then ever considering the knives in our house were are still are not that sharp. Ironically the only thing I hurt was when I chased a neighbors cat down a small set of stairs, I ended up falling down and cutting my lip on an old welcome mat and getting stitches. I also cracked my teeth at another neighbors house from horse play because I tripped. Over all I was smart enough and mature enough at a very young age to know what the risks were. I guess my parents knew that I wasn't one of those kids who shouldn't be given scissors and who would run with them.
And yet there's another side to how my dad sees me still. A not so positive side either. :|
Rojo684 years ago
I would be grateful to have cautious parents! It means they care! Mine could care less and I got into stupid stuff when I was younger because of it. I know that probably doesn't help but I would rather have parents ho care too much instead of not enough.
Right! We have to be thankful for our parents.. NO parents would never want their children to get hurt..All parents love their children.
SpagoPizza4 years ago
Parents are never too cautious, they just love their children too much. Of course their kids would never understand that until they will become parents .
you are right, when i was young, i cant understand my parent, but now , i am 21 become mature. i am very love them and begin with study understand
blkhawk5 years ago
I am a father and it is not always easy to decide when to say yes or no to our children. Parents need to take into consideration how mature is the child and the circumstances. For example, many children are exposed to guns at an early age. Maybe they have grown in a farm or a remote area where they could go hunting or they needed protection from wild animals. My son asked recently for a bb gun. I had to say no because we live in the outskirts of a city. Walking around with a gun, even a fake one, will make the neighbors call the police and report that someone is brandishing a weapon. In United States, police is wary of the preponderance of armed civilians. It is a nightmare to imagine the possible outcome of a child confronted by police with their weapons drawn. Also my son has never being exposed to weapons, not even a slingshot. Your parents have made their decisions based on your age, maturity and surroundings. I grew up in an apartment and there were many things I could not do that maybe a child growing in a house with plenty of space could do. Your parents maybe live in an area where they are restricted themselves of things that they would like to do. Your parents want the best for you. Talk to them without any confrontation and explain to them that you would like to create things. Show them what do you plan to do and engage them. Maybe you will obtain better results that way.
That is VERY sound, well thought out adivce. I hope starwing123 takes it. I am not a parent myself, but as explained before, I do mentor one 8 year old and although we do some (very) mildly dangerous things, they are only dangerous if we did something stupid or something catastrophic occurred. She is not my child, so I can't make any decisions on exposing her to dangerous things, but we take all precautions, including safety glasses while soldering or hot gluing etc. Tis best to teach good habits from the beginning.
I'm sure that the child is safe under your supervision. Although there is always danger performing some experiments, it makes a difference when an adult is there and is prepared for any unfortunate event.
Yes, and it is good that her Mom stays nearby too, because, on occassion, I can be quite doplick as they say in this area. The one time, while fixing her robot she and I had built together (a wire broke loose), I took the cover off, and dropped the screw on the floor. I finally found it only to stand up under the corner of the table and nearly caved my head in. The table did NOT move as it was a very heavily built one. I thought for sure I had brains spilling out on the floor I hit it so hard LOL
ilpug5 years ago
My parents seem full of contradictions. They let me use real guns and play Airsoft all the time, yet forbid me to have an air rifle, they let me have knives and swords, make potato and air cannons, play with explosives and high voltage, and shoot bows and hunt. They don't let me ride dirtbikes or ATV's. They don't let me go to anyones house without calling their parents and talking for an hour, they hate the computer and everything about it, yet they bought me an Xbox 360 and don't care how many sick and violent games I play. I am allowed to wander through San Francisco unsupervised for hours, yet when I hang out for a few hours in a small local town where I go to school, I must check in every hour and stay in one location. They let me have all kinds of knives as aforementioned, but refuse to let me make a tomahawk. I am not allowed to use a small battery powered chainsaw, but I can use any other power tool around the house, including circular and table saws.

Your guess is as good as mine. Thankfully, I am 18 now, so I only have to put up with it all for a few more months.
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