Parents too cautious

Do you guys think parents are too cautious? A normal parent won't let me do any of the stuff that I or any other teen on instructables do.

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Its good that parents care but sometimes its too much when they become hover copters and never let their children get "dirty". After all, how are children going to learn if they never make mistakes?
I was allowed to play with fire, cut with sharp nail scissors, play with knives, an ax and even a blow torch. I was always supervised, sometimes not when I was sneaky ;) but I grew up well rounded. I never caused any thing to burn down, never poked my eye out, cut my leg off, although I did accidentally cut my finger when I was using a razor blade and or a knife while cutting food but it was just a little cut and I learn to be careful more then ever considering the knives in our house were are still are not that sharp. Ironically the only thing I hurt was when I chased a neighbors cat down a small set of stairs, I ended up falling down and cutting my lip on an old welcome mat and getting stitches. I also cracked my teeth at another neighbors house from horse play because I tripped. Over all I was smart enough and mature enough at a very young age to know what the risks were. I guess my parents knew that I wasn't one of those kids who shouldn't be given scissors and who would run with them.
And yet there's another side to how my dad sees me still. A not so positive side either. :|
Rojo684 years ago
I would be grateful to have cautious parents! It means they care! Mine could care less and I got into stupid stuff when I was younger because of it. I know that probably doesn't help but I would rather have parents ho care too much instead of not enough.
Right! We have to be thankful for our parents.. NO parents would never want their children to get hurt..All parents love their children.
blkhawk5 years ago
That is not a good advice! Sooner or later parents will find out, we are not stupid.
They haven't found out about anything I've done ..... Yet.
You should be careful. on the internet I always erase my history but leave some so they dont get too suspicious
Parent finding out and parents calling you out on things they found out are two different things.
SpagoPizza5 years ago
Parents are never too cautious, they just love their children too much. Of course their kids would never understand that until they will become parents .
you are right, when i was young, i cant understand my parent, but now , i am 21 become mature. i am very love them and begin with study understand
blkhawk5 years ago
I am a father and it is not always easy to decide when to say yes or no to our children. Parents need to take into consideration how mature is the child and the circumstances. For example, many children are exposed to guns at an early age. Maybe they have grown in a farm or a remote area where they could go hunting or they needed protection from wild animals. My son asked recently for a bb gun. I had to say no because we live in the outskirts of a city. Walking around with a gun, even a fake one, will make the neighbors call the police and report that someone is brandishing a weapon. In United States, police is wary of the preponderance of armed civilians. It is a nightmare to imagine the possible outcome of a child confronted by police with their weapons drawn. Also my son has never being exposed to weapons, not even a slingshot. Your parents have made their decisions based on your age, maturity and surroundings. I grew up in an apartment and there were many things I could not do that maybe a child growing in a house with plenty of space could do. Your parents maybe live in an area where they are restricted themselves of things that they would like to do. Your parents want the best for you. Talk to them without any confrontation and explain to them that you would like to create things. Show them what do you plan to do and engage them. Maybe you will obtain better results that way.
That is VERY sound, well thought out adivce. I hope starwing123 takes it. I am not a parent myself, but as explained before, I do mentor one 8 year old and although we do some (very) mildly dangerous things, they are only dangerous if we did something stupid or something catastrophic occurred. She is not my child, so I can't make any decisions on exposing her to dangerous things, but we take all precautions, including safety glasses while soldering or hot gluing etc. Tis best to teach good habits from the beginning.
I'm sure that the child is safe under your supervision. Although there is always danger performing some experiments, it makes a difference when an adult is there and is prepared for any unfortunate event.
Yes, and it is good that her Mom stays nearby too, because, on occassion, I can be quite doplick as they say in this area. The one time, while fixing her robot she and I had built together (a wire broke loose), I took the cover off, and dropped the screw on the floor. I finally found it only to stand up under the corner of the table and nearly caved my head in. The table did NOT move as it was a very heavily built one. I thought for sure I had brains spilling out on the floor I hit it so hard LOL
ilpug5 years ago
My parents seem full of contradictions. They let me use real guns and play Airsoft all the time, yet forbid me to have an air rifle, they let me have knives and swords, make potato and air cannons, play with explosives and high voltage, and shoot bows and hunt. They don't let me ride dirtbikes or ATV's. They don't let me go to anyones house without calling their parents and talking for an hour, they hate the computer and everything about it, yet they bought me an Xbox 360 and don't care how many sick and violent games I play. I am allowed to wander through San Francisco unsupervised for hours, yet when I hang out for a few hours in a small local town where I go to school, I must check in every hour and stay in one location. They let me have all kinds of knives as aforementioned, but refuse to let me make a tomahawk. I am not allowed to use a small battery powered chainsaw, but I can use any other power tool around the house, including circular and table saws.

Your guess is as good as mine. Thankfully, I am 18 now, so I only have to put up with it all for a few more months.
skunkbait9 years ago
It's our nature. We want to make our kids tough, but we also want them to survive. I walk a real tight-rope with mine. I figure what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. My kids got their first machetes at age 2, first BB guns at age 4, and their first real guns at age 6. THey began riding horses without me at 4 and 6, began operating motor vehicles and hunting (without me) at 8, began camping alone (1/2 mile from the house)and operating a boat without me at about 10, and began using power tools at 12. Sounds liberal eh? I still don't let them ride their bikes on the street. I never let them watch Barney or Teletubbies. I don't let them work on any high voltage electric items. I never let them listen to boy-bands or rap. I didn't let them use a pushmower till they were 12. No welding till they were 12. Still no unsupervised handguns. I don't let them ride with anyone under 25, unless they let my oldest boy (age 14,with a drivers permit)drive. I don't let them go anywhere overnight without a gun. I don't let them hang out in town alone. My 14 year old just started using a chainsaw, AND ITS FREAKING ME OUT!
LOL, Barney is evil......Because of him, my little brother died inside... :-P
Seriously! Barney turned my otherwise bright cousin into a moron!
Word on that, man. Because of Barney, my 'lil bro gets beat up at school because when a bully told him to give him his lunch money, he just gave all of it, hugged him and told him that he loves him. Obviously the bully called his friends to laugh at how pathetic my brother is and they ganged up on him :-(.... I managed to drove the bullies away, but man.... That is NOT cool.
Haha that still happens?!
Bert99 Camisado8 years ago
haha lol
wow that stinks
tell ur brother zaphod feels sorry for him
Lol, sure, whatever =)
I agree the chiansaw is dangerous. If it catches his pant leg it will go right through the bone. It happened to my uncle good thing it didnt hit his arteries. But do you say dont play with fire?
:O You're such a cool dad! My cousin's 14 and he's not allowed to operate a toaster without parental supervision!
i dremel the poop out of random stuff when i was 11???
Man- I'm 11 and I'm not allowed to climb the tree in my backyard.
that stinks
Yep, it does. Once I disassembled a battery, and my mom COMPLETEY FREAKED OUT. She told me to THROW AWAY THE CONTENTS AND NEVER DO THAT AGAIN.
well, battery acid is very nasty stuff, in all fairness to her, but i get the idea.
Well, Nobody's died yet, so that's good. But the kids definitely have the scars to prove how cool I am. Skunkbait Jr has a couple from the woodstove and the machete, and Skunkpunk has a few from a barbwire/motorcycle incident.
Where do you live where kids are allowed to carry around guns? (Here inn the UK, if you're caught with a gun or knife, you get automatically arrested, neo matter what age you are.)
I live in the Southern part of the US. Around here, in the country a kid can pretty well carry a hunting rifle or shotgun with no worries. A handgun is a little different. My kids can carry a handgun while on our property or family members property, but not in town. What are the current laws on Knives in the UK? For us, anything with a blade over about 3 1/2 inches cannot legally be carried concealed. They can however be carried openly. My kids carry knives pretty much all the time. They need them for work around the farm.
If you carry any type of knife here it's an arrestable offense, I think. It's not wise to have one at least. That's why I had to stop carrying my leatherman :(
That's kinda sad. I couldn't live without my Gerber. In New Guinea (used to be), they'd send you home from school if you didn't bring a machete or axe. They used them at lunch time to work on the yards and gardens. Most schools in the US don't allow knives. But high schoolers still drive 4000 lb. cars to school. If I were feeling violent, I can assure you I could kill WAY more people with a car than with a knife.
LOL, although my parents are not as lax as you, they're pretty cool.... They let me have a machete at age 7, a sledgehammer at age 9, and a sword & balisong at age 10. Ever since I'm 10, I'm allowed to use powertools and am allowed to collect melee weapons freely (no real guns though, which kinda sucks, but real swords/knives/clubs/batons are allowed).....I got a used car for my 11th birthday (I'm gonna be 14 this year) and they let me drive it around the house, which is actually pretty cool... Bottom line is, LAX PARENTS ARE TEH WIN!!!
Sorry for replying to something this old, but I had to ask aren't balisong's illegal?
i think you can buy them on ebay

I got my first SAK at age 7, and thought that was cool. WOW!
Oh yeah, just a little FYI, I'm Do_Not_Turn_Off_The_Power. I changed my name, just a little heads up since I think you don't know about this yet.
I figured out a couple of days ago that you were "the ibler formerly known as DNTOTP" . I haven't been on ibles much lately. My grandfather died last week, and I've been real busy.
Your grandfather died?....Man, I'm really sorry...
Thanks. We're trying to take care of my grandmother, and decide what to do with the farm. It's in another state, and none of the family there can take care of it.
Well, best of luck with that.
If you go to Michigan in a few years, your welcome to visit us during the summer. I'll teach you marksmanship, if you'll teach me more about swords. I have a few, but don't really know how to use them properly.
Cool. I'm still 14, so it'll be around four more years 'til college. I'll be sure to visit you when I'm in Michigan. And yeah, I'll teach you some basic Iaido or Kenjutsu if you want to... I excel at Japanese sword arts, I can do some Western fencing, but I'm hardly an expert at it.
My oldest boy turns 16 this year. He's going to start college early, and work on/fly cropdusters. My youngest boy turns 13 this week. He wants to go into Special Forces, but I'd rather him go into Intelligence. I've got family/friends in MI, but you'd definitely have to make a summer trip of it. MI is about 600 miles from us.
if u r in intelligence u might get tortured for info
That's true, but having an older brother has made him nearly impervious to conventional torture methods.
That sounds cool. Starting college early eh? Man, when I'm 16, I'd be a sophomore at the most :-P Your oldest boy must be really smart. Good job on raising him! And your youngest is gonna turn 13 this week? That's great. Tell him I said happy birthday!
Yeah, I could've graduate early, but I would've had to take one course in Summer school, so I didn't. The college is pretty close to us, so for the first 2 years, he'll be living at home, while he gets his basic courses. Then he'll transfer to another college about 40 miles away. He wants to stay home then too, but I don't want him riding his motorcycle back and forth everyday. So we'll see. Yep, the youngest of the Skunks turns 13 tomorrow. So I'll say happy birthday from you. How do you say "happy birthday" in Bahasa Indo? Selamat_____?
Summer school sucks..... I failed at Mandarin so now I have to take summer school for two whole weeks! Bummer... Happy birthday: Selamat ulang tahun! :-P
starwing123 (author)  Camisado8 years ago
That would never happen to me because I'm Chinese. 你会不会写?
You COULD be Chinese and fail Mandarin, if you grew up in a Cantonese only family/area! Not to mention, I had American born friends who failed English!!!!!
starwing123 (author)  skunkbait8 years ago
Cantonese and Mandarin have the same written language. People treat them completely, different languages, but they are different dialects. Mandarin is the official dialect and Cantonese is the most common nonofficial dialect.
Oh, I knew they were similar, but didn't realize they were that close.
It happens, I guess....I failed 4th grade Indonesian once, and I'm like 80% Indonesian! (I'm around 20% Greek BTW)
You're Chinese? That's cool!
wow i want to be u
Hehe, being me rocks! I have really cool emo hair that attracts all teh chickz =P
i one drove around our school a bunch of times,i ran around a parking lot like a maniac too
That's cool. My kids are building hot rods. But for now, they just drive my cars. Don't worry too much about the gun thing. They are hard to get legally in Indonesia if I remember correctly. Blades and balisongs are cool. If you learn to fight with melee weapons, that can come in handy. I wish my kids learned more about those weapons, because sometimes a gun is just not available!
Yeah, guns are really hard to get in Indonesia, there are very little crime in Indonesia done with guns. Your kids are building hot rods? Wow, that's cool. I have my own car, but it's basically a beat up 30 year old $2000 Mitsubishi pickup van. Still runs pretty good tho (faster than what you might expect for an old pickup van actually), and even if it is lame and beat up, owning any type of vehicle is more that cool enough for a 14 yr-old, I guess.... (I'll show you a pic of the van sometime this week).

And yah, I have almost zero gun training. I've been training martial arts for around seven years and my main weapon of choice are currently Tonfas (Okinawan karate side handled batons, I mostly use my homemade steel pair ), but yeah, guns are pretty cool, and I'm planning to purchase one when I'm 21 (I'm gonna go to college on Michigan)
My wife and I took Yun Jung Do, and Aikido for a while. SHe went ahead and got her black belt in Tae Kwon Do, but I didn't have time. But I'm still a certified instructor for Law Enforcement/Security training in Pressure Point Control Techniques (and baton usage). The little Mitsu's are cool. But the smallest ones aren't street legal here. The boys each have a running motorcycle ('o4 Ninja, '73 Kawasaki G-series), and a project car ('76 Pontiac Grande Prix, '88 Firebird). I like the Tonfas, they use them (similar) in Law enforcement and security here.
You're a Law Enforcement instructor? That's really cool! I would love to hear more about that! Those motorbikes are cool. My parents promised to buy me a Vespa if I get good final exam grades. I can post specifics if you wanna. You like my work? Thank you very much.
I don't instruct much these days. I used to at my old job, but now I just supervise security officers. They are talking about having me teach defensive tactics soon, but so far, I haven't. But most of my employees are retired cops, military, or current cops (working a second job). They want me to teach how to gain submission without KILLING anyone. And yeah, I definitely like your sword/martial art stuff!
Cool, submission without killing. You sound really strong, I like a guy like you who can actually fight well without a gun.... Any nerd can look cool holding a Glock 17, but not any nerd can look cool with , say, brass knuckles or a baton. Thanks again!
I used to be fairly strong, and really fast. But with my job these days, I mostly sit at a desk. So now I'm just sneaky ( and a little too fat). But most of the stuff I used to teach, is about nerves, pressure points and joint manipulation. I've only had to use that stuff a couple of times, but it sure is nice to know. A lot of the point behind non-destructive submission, is to help the company/department you work for save on insurance. If you can prove the ability to stop an agressor without seriously injuring them, your employer is less likely to get a serious lawsuit. But when it comes to a serious threat from an armed individual (even though I am trained in dis-armament techniques), I just prefer to let them know I have the ability and means to kill. That's usually enough.
That's cool. And don't worry about being fat, we're all basically just overweight slobs :-P
(as in, the specifics on the Vespa that I'll be getting)
What I like about that
-horse riding at age 4 and 6
-camping alone at 8
-power tools at 12
-boat operation at 10
-not letting them watch barney or teletubbies
-not letting them weld
-no unsupervised handguns
-not letting them go anywhere overnight without a gun

what I dont like about that
-not letting them listen to boy bands or rap
-letting them use matches at 2
-letting them use real guns at 6 (wtf, do you not watch the news and see school shootings???)
The school shootings are scare tactics. 1-in-a-trillion chance that they will actually happen. the almost never do because of 

A. The (not so) Fabulous enforcement by schools, and

B. The also fabulous reporting- why can't they do that with suicides caused by school?
LOL, Barney is evil......Because of him, my little brother died inside... :-P
Sorry. it was machetes, not matches. They learned a lot about not cutting themselves! About the guns, I come from at least five generations where kids used guns by age eight. We have never murdered anyone. If you check out the school shootings, you'll see most of those kids are not truly part of the 'gun culture'. Competitive shooters and hunters almost never shoot anyone. The thing the shooters have in common is violent video games. I'm not for banning the video games, but if I had to choose between them and my guns, I'd keep my guns hands down.
My bad! Oh, lolzerz
You don't let your kids mess with high voltage?

I got interested in high voltage when I was 14 then I start to make dangerous HV projects when I was 15.

My Dad freaked out when he discovers I am messing with HV, but after a long while, he is not freaked out anymore but very interested on what I am making! :-)

My next dangerous project is to create a heat ray gun.
I'm not opposed to HV experiments, but they need to show me they at least know more than I do. My voltage/amperage experiences have not been positive!
Oh, they've been positive, it's just that they should have been negative. ;)
Little electrical joke. Heh, heh.
It wasn't that shocking.
240 is shocking enough.....ran that through my right arm while at work YEARS ago, and you're right, I wouldn't volunteer to do it again :-)

But if you want to really feel Thor's hammer, grab the wire coming from a truck's distributor cap while it is still running (chances are the wire is old and you will feel like a mule is square dancing on your hand and arm, and if not, pull the wire a half inch away from the cap, and watch the spark make a U turn; and it is best if you are leaning on some part of the truck's frame while doing this....).
been there, done that.

I used to have a motorcycle with electrical problems.  If you touched any metalic part while it was running, it'd light you up.  That's when I started wearing gloves!
I found out that even flannel long sleeved shirts didn't alway prevent a Spark form getting through  :-) 
Yep.  Leather (if it's dry) and rubber are the best. 
  Even leather is somewhat conductive, although much slower (for YEARS I had to wear leather bottomed shoes in the computer room, to help drain off the static I built up in there.  We had metal raised floors, and if I forgot and wore sneakers, I got zapped fairly often, but my dress shoes with leather bottoms, helped remove that to a great extent.
sadly, he made them negative, but through the wrong conduit :-)
Not been positive?
I've been 'bit' a few too many times. Never from truly HV, but 240v is more than I care to experience again. I really don't mind the kids playing with HV, once I'm confident they know something about it. They weld on a regular basis, but that's the extent of it for now.
Your kids must be so lucky to have you as your parent! I need a welder. Baldly. BTW, are any of your kids a member of instructables?
arc welders are cool (if you have the proper breaker box at home), but can be a bit difficult to learn to use. It depends on the person....striking an arc at lower amps was always a challenge for me. . .
I think I'll have to make my own...
I took a wire-feed welder in on trade (for a beat up old car) and the kids use it all the time. They used the old stick welder a little before, but now they weld like pros!
That is just so... Amazing, what do they make?
One has been working on a go-cart frame. Also deerstands, and motorcycle parts. One boy is making a stretched bicycle.
That is so... (Okay, I assume you are getting tired of people saying "cool, awesome, wow" and all of that, what else should I say about your lucky family?)
That is a lot of may find it more cost efficient to find a smaller model like the one I started with - a 10 - 100 amp for around $100 or so (super high amperage transformers are expensive).
Yeah, okay, I think I will look around on ebay and the car boot sale as soon as I get some money... Thanks!
Both of them are. They're not nearly as activeas I am though. Check out . He's done a couple of ibles. The other is Skunkpunk, buthe hasn't done any ibles yet.
Wow, that is cool that they are around!
sounds like he "grounded" a few too many live wires LOL
My voltage/amperage experiences have not been positive!

Why no push mower?
Kids tend to lose toes with pushmowers. We have a couple of big hills, and I hate to risk it.
. If not for steel-toed boots, I'd be minus a few digits. It hurt like the dickens, but I can still play This Little Piggie on both feet.
Same here. My foot got run-over by a drunk in a Tahoe. Twisted my back, but kept my toes.
My parents let me use the chainsaw at 14. Wait, let me rephrase. My dad started to let me use it at 14. My mom still won't let me get near it, except it lives in the same shed my bike does. HA. But my dad said I was responsible enough and I was the only one who could get it started anyway so... No limbs lost yet!
Yeah, I lecture him everytime he uses it, but when all's said and done, he's probably safer than me.
Most of your policies make sense to me..does the gun thing include sleeping at a friend's house? And if so, is that norm around where you live, or would it freak out the other kid's parent? What bugs me is when parents let their instinct take over instead of common sense. For instance, i've been staying home alone for years...but when I mention staying home at night, they're adamantly against it. They also mentioned legality of it, but i looked up the laws, there's nothing about it. I also mentioned that when I start college (away from home) I'll still be a minor.
The gun thing sort of includes a friends house. I always know the parents, and if the parents have a gun in the home, I'm fine with it. I wouldn't send the kids with a gun to a sleepover as long as the parents have one. I just don't want my kids to spend the night anywhere that no responsible person is armed. But yeah, Mrs. Skunkbait is funny that way. We'll let the kids camp out a mile from home by themselves, stay at home during the day for 8 hours, but she can't stand to let them spend the night at home alone.
high voltage electrical items aren't that bad, I let the boy work on his first electric fencer the other week, it let him know right away, don't touch that part or that one or the other one ... (( It was a 12 VDC battery operated one but it still outputs several thousand volts and smarts )) And I can see why your freaking out about the chainsaw, once he figures out it'll power a bike with out much effort , you'll be short one chainsaw, maybe more <> I have a boy eying up my line trimmer for that exact purpose.......
I KID YOU NOT- My boy asked if he could have my old line trimmer for that purpose, just last week!
So when is he posting up the Ible ?? So I can add it to my firewall filter, I like my line trimmer...
You don't have anything to worry about for a while. Right now he is bogged down (procrastinating) in a Briggs powered Schwinn project. The line trimmer ride will probably be next, but when you allow for the frustration with 2-strokes, brought on by the cooler weather, the line trimmer scooter may not make it's maiden voyage until next spring.
Aron3135 years ago
Not my parents but every parent i know says that fire is dangerous. When i go make huge brush fires in my woods and my friends parents would freak out if they saw it. I love my parents! :P
boxnus6 years ago
Всем привет!!
u are totally right!!
Chicken22099 years ago
I haven't really brought anything up like that to my parentsI just learned what a transistor is from school last week⊂( ゚ヮ゚)⊃
You just learned what a transistor is?

lets see if you still remember... :-) What is a transistor?
no i knew what it is, i just didn't get the point of them and the description wasn't very helpful
A transistor is like an electronic switch.
quote: i knew what it is, i just didn't get the point of them
I undertstand what you mean here completely. The first time I wired up a kit, I thought to know, you could do this without this thing here....but of course, in more complicated circuits, it wouldn't be possible and that is when I finally got it :-)
what i didnt get is this: you two inputs and one output one input controls the flow of the other input so to have electricity, you need to have both one so people always say it is a switch to switch it on, you turn on the power for one of the inputs and it allows the other one to move, but to toggle that one input, you need a switch so then i just go into an infinite loop of transistors which must end in a mechanical switch which defeats the purpose of an electronic switch
Yeah, my problem when I was younger, started with "valves" (a tube that acted like a transistor), and when the transistor came along, it was; right, only 3 connections? And it took me awhile to see that, even a manual switch uses "power through it" when closed, and not when open. In order to close the switch, outside power has to be applied TO the switch (albeit by way of one's hand). I.E. the extra signal. I burnt up many a transistor before understanding them, believe me. :-)
starwing123 (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
Couldn't you build a computer completely out of relays?
IN FACT, there was an article in Make 13 about a fellow that built a computer entirely out of electromechanical relays & it runs at 6Hz.
Yes, it would be a rather large computer, even if it only added and subtracted....
⊂( ゚ヮ゚)⊃? it doesn't work anymore?
just in robot
Labot20019 years ago
My mom doesn't let me use my computer in my room :( It's not like being in another part of the house will keep me from trafficking drugs though. ;-)
Same here, but the only difference is that I used my time that I could go on the computer and I looked up and found a good "inapropriate website blocker" I went and showed my parents, and I finally got them to agree. My computer is an Laptop though too...
hey its your computer if no then build one for yourself and dont ask anyone where to use it
She's probably concerned you'll meet some unsavory characters (like Nacho) online!
skunkbait9 years ago
My parents never let me have a motorcycle. I bought my first one (Harley) when I was 17, and they were out of town. They never let me ride my cousins mini-bike. They never let me use a chainsaw. And didn't start letting me drive till I was 15. They made me be home by 11 (10 on weekdays), and always wanted to know where I was going (pre-cellphone days!). Didn't let me ride with other teens (except 1 pseudo-responsible friend) driving. They wouldn't let me have a handgun till I was 18, and didn't let me go out with a gun by myself till I was 15. I try to be less overbearing with my kids, but I still don't let them ride with other teens!
Not let you drive untill 15? In PA, you can't even get your permit until you are 16.
Yeah, I have cousins from PA. They didn't get their license til like 17 or 18. The laws are a little more lax in the southern states. Kids down here get all excited when they start driving at 14, 15 or 16. Then they realize the reason we let them drive is so that they can haul hay and firewood. When that sets in, it takes a little of the fun out of it.
: - )
bumpus Ferrite9 years ago
I just got my license a few weeks ago.
Any near misses yet?
Nope, lets hope it stays that way. :D
starwing123 (author) 9 years ago
What's so annoying is they let me play around with high pressure and voltage, but not with fire!
Thats what moms do, they worry about their kids. They will worry about you even if your an adult.
Yep, My mom's just short of 60, and she still worries.
NachoMahma9 years ago
. There are waaaayyyy too many parents to make many valid generalizations, but, yes, parents tend to be very cautious when it comes to their children - just like parents of all species. Parents have a built-in drive to make sure their progeny (genes) survive. It's instinctual - we can't help it.
Some of us DON'T want our genes to survive. I think I'll encourage my kids to adopt. The world is not ready for another generation of skunktots. JK- I don't mind my genes getting passed on, as long as they don't get passed on for another 10 or 15 years!
guyfrom7up9 years ago
I think it's all about responsibility and trust I don't think my mom would let me play with HV, but since she knows I know what I'm doing shes fine with it.
starwing123 (author)  guyfrom7up9 years ago
Yeah, but most of the people I know, there parents won't even let them touch the tools without them knowing.
It's because we get tired of looking all over the place for the tools when WE need them!
  • won't even let them touch the tools without them knowing.
So what's the big deal with them knowing? What's the big deal with kids wanting to do stuff without involving their parents at all? Somewhere between "sneaking around" and "continuous supervision" there ought to be a happy medium...
I guess it's just how you're brought up. I was brought up using power tools since the age of 6. Started working with a lathe when I was 8, got to use a radial arm saw without supervision when I was 11, and I could use almost all tools (minus radial arm saw and circular saw, not sure about sabertooth since i never really had a need) without supervision by 10.
starwing123 (author)  guyfrom7up9 years ago
Me too. I guess it helps if your father is an engineer or something, but I didn't have the luck of that.
nah, my dad is a biomolecular (or something like that, think tiny organism stuff, lol) scientist It's just that we have a workshop and he (and I) likes building stuff and stuff.
110100101109 years ago
Mine were cautious too But I knew that they changed this when they give me a corded hammer drill for birthday Its probbly cause I shown them that its my nature to hack stuff and they can do nothing to change it so they decided to stream with me