Does anyone out there do parkour or freerunning? If you do, post tips for others or say what you can do. I would also be happy if anyone posted a video of themselves or anyone else doing parkour and freerunning.
Here is an instructable by pat sowers on parkour
The Jamalam

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Not meaning to sound up myself BUT!... I can do a perfect parkour roll, I can get two steps up on a wall and i can do 5 different types of vault (if that includes and underbar). =P
D.L.H.8 years ago
I free run on fences and other old structures in my neighborhood.
SK8RGUY8 years ago
hi i free run -alot-old decaying building near ma house its kl
PKTraceur8 years ago
OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!! I found a few guys, (3 others with me, so four, ) and were havin' our first jam! I will post a vid in about 3 hours! SCHWEET!!! -PKT
The Jamalam (author)  PKTraceur8 years ago
kl, i might be goin out with m8s over the weekend and jamming 2 :D
PKTraceur8 years ago
Well, I really would like to do parkour, and so far I can only do a running roll, occasional do a Tic-Tac, I've almost mastered Tic-Tac to Catleap, percisioning, And would like help on Vaults, rolling from high places, (3 ft plus,) and a few others. Seriously, how do you roll from a high up place? -RoAr
The Jamalam (author)  PKTraceur8 years ago
rolling is easier from heights above 8 ft or so, like rooves. You need forward momentum to carry yourself forward, and you must:
  • Land on your toes rather than your heels
  • Cushion the impact with your hands
  • Go over your shoulder.
Hope this helps :)
Flumpkins9 years ago
That is something I Want to get good at, I never will though.
Rishnai9 years ago
I have been known to dablle in parkour/freerunning, but mostly as a means of escaping pursuit. When not quite so motivated, I can do a lot less, but I still enjoy it.
I mostly do urban freerunning at my school like jumping trash cans and running up walls. My friend jeremy and I make a great team.
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