Partitioning a USB drive

Anyone know how to partition a USB drive? Meaning using a downloadable app, not crazy BIOS. It should be easier since it's not U3.

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Bullrush9 years ago
Try this software at
I've just tried the Rohos Mini Drive software and it works really well and was easy to use.
You can set up a partition (which seems to be limited to about half the size of the USB stick) and it is password protected.
I'm no geek but the wheels don't seem to have fallen off my PC yet!
ultrauber (author)  Bullrush9 years ago
Do you need to make a password? Thanks.
whatsisface9 years ago
GParted is nice if you're in linux, or if you download a linux distro and run it live.
ultrauber (author)  whatsisface9 years ago
I do have linux, but it's a very old distro, and doesn't really install apps. Oh, nice pic BTW.
ultrauber (author)  ultrauber9 years ago
I mainly use Windows, though, so I'm looking for a Windows app (XP SP3).