Parts of ALL my instructables Missing No Image Notes

I just looked at my Instructables and found that ALL the notes in the
images are missing.
if you look at the 2 images you can see the note is missing from the first, I can still see the note in edit mode. I almost had a stroke when I though that they had all gone.

it could be related to the bug i reported last week.

​when I look at the draft instructable, either in the preview mode or by clicking on in in draft, I cannot click on the photos to proof read the notes, or get an idea of how that step will look.
The next issue is, i used to able to sent the preview link to a friend, so they could also proof read it and give me feed back, that now doesn't work either.
Could you please fix this I use them for teaching kids, and the
instuctables are not much use without them.

Picture of Parts of ALL my instructables Missing No Image Notes
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mmmelroy2 years ago

we are aware of the bug and have filed it for immediate extermination.

it will get added to the bag of goodies for the next release.

bugs@ signing off


mmmelroy, I have the small "pencil" icon back on the images where I added notes, but the notes themselves have not returned.

(Currently browsing via Chrome.)

liquidhandwash (author)  Kiteman2 years ago

Me too on firefox.

liquidhandwash (author)  mmmelroy2 years ago

Thanks mmelory,

I am having this same problem. I can view and edit my notes, but they are not displaying in the preview.

yes it is annoying that the text note cant be proof read in the preview.

Kiteman2 years ago

I seem to have the same issue (browsing in Chrome as I type).

liquidhandwash (author)  Kiteman2 years ago

Hi kiteman, do you know if is something that is on the to do list, I did email support but no response yet

Did you get your notes back ?

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