I have been trying FOREVER to change my password but cannot! I am having to use my temporary password they sent to my e-mail... it is WAY too hard to remember, not to mention the length of it. I see a lot of other people are having the same problem- anyone found out exactly how we go about doing this? It seems like everytime I try to use and find things, I am always running into problems! I am about to just delete this site all together. It just gets too frustrating EVERYTIME I come on this web-site. Can anyone tell me if it is worth staying on here? I belong to a lot of different web-sites, but NEVER had I had this much difficulty maneuvering around any of them. I would just like someone's advice about whether or not to stay on or just go ahead and leave (honestly :) !                            Thanks! Junehearn

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apeters83 years ago
If you have a facebook you can log in using facebook.
mats-notes3 years ago
I have been on this page for years now and I love it. I'm guessing most forum goers will feel the same. I have been thinking about upgrading to pro because I'm on the page so much. Sometimes the search doesn't work well but it seems to have gotten better in the last year. I use to type in "instructables " into google and it worked better then the site search. I don't feel like I need to do that any more.

To change your password click on "you" in the upper right then "you page" after you log in. It will bring you to your account stuff. Click settings tab then "password" to change your password.
Toga_Dan3 years ago
I usually have trouble w/ new websites, learning to navigate, etc. This one has been fairly smooth- for me.
mh76dk3 years ago
Go to https://www.instructables.com/you/ click Settings then click Password. Type old password and the new one (twice)

Or do you mean that you tried this already and it did not work - It is kinda hard to tell from your question what you have tried already?
Kiteman mh76dk3 years ago