I'll be old and gray before I'm able to use all the wonderful
PRO Membership time I have in the bank.

Paying it forward. Four 1 YEAR PRO Memberships up for grabs.
Please allow those who do not currently have memberships
to take advantage of this offer.


Leave a comment, and if you are not currently subscribed, I'll
send a link to you for a free trial membership. It will be your
responsibility to use the code within a reasonable amount of
time. It will be up to you to create an account and follow all
of the terms of agreement with Instructables.

I'll check back in a bit, and then send codes out to the lucky four!
We hope to see Instructables from you, too.

Would you do a favor for me?
Check out my latest Instructable, please? :-)

As of this posting, there are only two left, folks.

Picture of OFFER EXPIRED - ALL *FREE* FOUR 1 YEAR MEMBERSHIPS have been taken.
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dudes3 years ago

If you are still offering, I would love to become a pro member. The pepper-beef birds nest it really cool, it looks like a creative version of a dish my father sometimes make.

WUVIE (author)  dudes3 years ago

Hi Dudes,

Although all four were claimed, you asked before I had a chance to edit the availability, so I'm making an exception for you. The code is coming your way via private message.

:-) Karen

dudes WUVIE3 years ago

Thank you very much!

elkomkom3 years ago

Is there a code still available, i'm interested in it.Thanks in advance!

WUVIE (author)  elkomkom3 years ago

Code coming your way, elkomkom. :-)

elkomkom WUVIE3 years ago


svillmer3 years ago

Those beef and peppers in the handmade, edible birds nests look awesome. If you still have a membership available, I am interested. Thanks.

WUVIE (author)  svillmer3 years ago

Thank you so much! The code has been sent your way via private message.


SylviaPrice3 years ago

What is this you are offering? Thanks. Sylvia

Up for offer is a 1 year pro membership, it is totally free, all you have to do is ask!

Thanks for being so generous WUVIE!

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