Peer Recognition: jessyratfink

Congratulations Jessy!

Autodesk takes the time to recognize those who have gone above and beyond their duties and done what they can to make everyone's job easier. 

Jessy was recently chosen as one of those to be recognized!

Check out her profile and the 269 projects she currently has!
(also, she is at over 12 Million views now)

Picture of Peer Recognition: jessyratfink
jessy recognition.png
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Honus4 years ago
Wow! Congratulations! 269 projects is unbelievable- keep up the awesome work!
makendo4 years ago
Congratulations! but wait, there are *3* people with more pageviews than you?!? Guess I haven't seen as much of the site as I thought I had...
You are awesome Jessy :)
Goodhart4 years ago
Very Nice
thank you! :)
You are very welcome ! This is well deserved.
You have all been like family to me, although the distance gets in the way, I have always felt close to all the staff, whether I have expressed it or not.

SO, thank YOU!
Congratulations Jessy! :)
Congratulation and best wishes.
thank you!
It's my great pleasure; you are welcome.
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