Pen + sprinkler = get out of school free!

I will not be as descriptive or dramatic in this story as I was in my last. Last year, someone in my class made a small elastic gun that shot pens and pencils. Someone, who shall remain nameless, was screwing around during LA class trying to get a pen stuck in the ceiling with it. Whats the one thing you hit if you aim at the cieling and miss? A sprinkler. Black, smelly fluid (I know, black? wtf?) sprayed out everywhere as everyone in class eight one was screaming. Within seconds, the school alarm system was activated, and the entire school (~1000 students) was evacuated. 1/4 of the school was flooded, as were 4 computers. (Nameless) did get caught and was suspended from school for ~1 week. We got the rest of the day off school. If you can hit a sprinkler with one of these weapons, and activate it, It's basically a good way to get out of school free. You must have tremendous aim though. Someone with knowledge in the field of sprinkler systems said that (nameless) was extremely lucky that he did not set off every sprinkler in the school, which probably would have gotten us out of school for a week. (and got him suspended for the rest of the year, if he were caught) remember, aim between the red part and the metal part.

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I really have to wonder why someone feels the need to post such crap.
It is just totally wrong, no matter from which angle you look at it!

Goodhart10 years ago
Sprinkler alarms are "regulating" water pressure. Once the sprinkler goes off, the pressure drops and the alarm sounds. The way the system is set up determines how many are triggered by the pressure drop.
cwid (author)  Goodhart10 years ago
you're the expert..
Goodhart cwid10 years ago
Not really, but the local fire fighters explained it to me once (after the system called them and set our alarm off 2-3 times that month). All it takes is a small leak and eventually the bloody alarm will go off. Ours (where I work) was suffering from some sort of backwash "hammering" because of the way it was installed.
Can you explain the black & smelly part?
It would depend on "what" it smelled like, and felt like. Was it oily feeling, smell like kerosene or did it smell more like sewer gas, or perhaps a metallic smell ?

Oily would sound like fuel oil is getting into the system.

Sewer gas, maybe the septic system ( eeeewwww )

A metallic smell: is there chlorine, acid, or fluorine in the water? Perhaps the pipes are breaking down.


what if it smelled like gasoline or kerosene and caused workers to gt sick like vomit,headaches and respiratory problems??

cwid (author)  zachninme10 years ago
They eventually figured out that the black stuff is oil to keep the pipes from rusting. It made a nasty mess of everything and everyone in the room though...
Goodhart cwid10 years ago
Hmm, spraying oil onto a fire.....somehow that sounds a bit wonky. They had steel or iron pipes ?
cwid (author)  Goodhart10 years ago
it was oil or lubricant or something for keeping the pipes from corroding
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