Pen Drive Operating System: Run Linux Almost Anywhere

OK THIS is awesome. Its called Slax Wondering what it is ? It is an operating system that you can put on your flash drive and take almost anywhere (bios must allow usb boot) The great thing about this is you can personalize it and take it anywhere (almost). And for you guys that don't like to have websites at school blocked, boot the school computer from your flash drive. This has many capability's. It has the ability to Play music and video, Burn discs, surf the net, Instant message, take screen shots, it has paint, several games, And I believe i herd you can install wine on it and run windows programs ( haven't tried yet ).

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ashikmekuet6 years ago
i think usb windows xp is very weak compare to slax. slax is

linux operating system. it is portable. and very easy to

install. check the easy steps here.

BrianKT9 years ago
Or use Ubuntu! Ubuntu can beat Slax any day!
littlechef37 (author)  BrianKT9 years ago
You could use ubuntu ( WITCH IS AWSOME) but ubuntu isn't as portable It is but its a little big to be carrying on a flash drive. Unless you go and buy like an 8gb
Witches aren't awesome, unless you're a warlock ;-) And as TechnoGeek95 said, it fits comfortably on my 1GB stick, which I bought for under $15 (not even on sale!) It actually has most of the programs I need on it, and a lot of ones I don't.
ll.13 zachninme9 years ago
I've found that cheap flash drives aren't worth it.... (if the size is bigger than 512mb) because it takes around 15+minutes to transfer 700mb (standard size of an average length ripped movie)

Ideal speed of a flash drive should at least be 100x =)
zachninme ll.139 years ago
But, does standard-speed even support that?
ll.13 zachninme9 years ago
Pretty sure of it..

--1: What maximum speed was finally chosen for the USB 2.0 spec?
--A: The USB 2.0 specification has a design data rate of 480 mega bits per second.

Soo, 100x is around 22 MB/s (read) 15 MB/s (write) (For Lexar JD Lightning (extremely good) )
zachninme ll.139 years ago
On further note, I agree, those are pretty bad load times. I haven't had problems
Using my Instructable, all you need is 1 gb. And it saves all your setting back to the flash drive.
littlechef37 (author)  BrianKT9 years ago
This dose as well but I personally want a smaller OS just so I can run it on older computers. I Like ubuntu (which is on my server) but in my case Slax works perfect
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