Pending instructable : How to make a Concrete, Optic Fiber and Leds Rainbow

I will try to write and instructable for my last project. Since this is my first instructable and it will be a bit long, I will need some reviewers before I can publish it. If some people can help reviewing, jsut tell me. I will laso need to find some super bright yellow leds which are really yellow, not amberish, or some high power RGB leds. If you can tell me where to find some (or send me a few one I can trade for some other colors or for plastic optic fiber), just let me know. I completely edited this message since I've found that it is possible to start writting an instructable without publishing it, so people interested in reviewing now have to tell me so I add them as contributors. Regards, t.

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treg (author) 9 years ago
Just an up, if some people are interested I'll write the instructables.
Kiteman treg9 years ago
That looks really nice - people will definitely be interested in reading about that.
treg (author) 9 years ago
Just a little update to tell that phase one (out of four) has been terminated during this wek-end. 224 pieces of optic fiber has been cut and placed in the styrofoam, and some concrete has been made so they won't move when I move to second phase. I took all the needed pictures, and I'm almost done writting the correspondig instructions. Please, can someone help me review this part so I know if I continue in this way ?
treg (author) 9 years ago
I did not manage to find nice looking yellow ultra bright leds (the one I've bought all are almost amber, not yellow enough for a rainbow). If someone can tell me where to buy real yellow bright leds, or RGB leds that can be used instead, or wants to trade some for some plastic optic fiber, please help me to make this futur instructable better ! tReg.
If you wanted a cheaper option as the light source go with RGB, I have some high output light strips on my desk here that I got on dealextreme, containing 54 Leds in clusters of three, it's made up of the three base colours that you can PWM to control the colours, to make an ever changing rainbow if the mood struck you...
treg (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
Unfortunately, the SMD leds are not very handy when it come to sending the light to the optic fibers. My actual solution is to put the optic fiber in an aluminium tube with 5mm ID, and put the led on the other extremity of the tube. So I need 5mm leds :) High flux and high power / star leds, even in 5mm, are not very handy also (BTW, they are too bright for this project, in my opinion). So I think that 5mm RGB leds would be good (but I do'nt want to order 50 of them just for a try, I've already ordered 600 leds trying to find the good leds for this project ;) ). If someone have ultra bright RGB, red, green, and blue leds and can make some test for me and take pictures, that would be nice. If it seems to be a good solution, I'll order some !
Well have a look at the board, they're SMD I think, cast in resin with a 5mm optic top on them, you could 'pipe' the light with them if you wanted, also it's handy to control them, common cathodes and separate grounds for each colour, 12V inputs resistors already added, run well off a computer PSU, direct to car battery doesn't burn them but they will heat up a bit...