Penny for your thought

For the past several weeks, I have been debating what to do about this penny. It has become a point of hallway conversations and old adages. Find a penny and you will have luck all day. I'm not so sure about that? What are your thoughts about this penny...

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pixbytrix10 years ago
So how is that penney doing? Is it still there?
AT (author)  pixbytrix10 years ago
I hadn't thought about that in a while. I don't think it is there any more but I will check after the holidays when I am back in the office.
SacTownSue10 years ago
You know that penny in your pocket? Where was it before it was given to you?
I know very littly about urinals but I know money can get very dirty.
Ever seen Magic Christian?
Yeah, in reality, urine itself doesn't carry pathogens from the body most of the time, like solid waste does...
AT (author)  SacTownSue10 years ago
It isn't the issue of the penny being dirty as much as it is putting my hand down a urinal for a penny. I really don't have an issue getting the penny; but I have realized that it is not worth reaching in there for it. I am getting much more entertainment from talking about this penny. :-)
Kiteman10 years ago
It was probably thrown in there specifically to cause somebody exactly this sort of dilemma.

You don't want to get your hands in there? Well, UK pennies are magnetic, so all you have to do is go prepared ...
Goodhart Kiteman10 years ago
Who needs a magnet? A pair of needle-nosed pliers, or a stick with some gooey gum stuck to the end should do the where is that disinfectant....LOL
pixbytrix10 years ago
If the penny wasn't there, what would you have to wonder about? Might as well leave it there. Makes a great conversation piece. Makes me wonder if the urinals get washed. If so, even the cleaning people don't want the penny! Turn it into an experiment. See how long it takes to get discolored. Compare it with the rate of discoloration in a wishing well or something. Does urine change the reaction rate?
AT (author)  pixbytrix10 years ago
When it was first in there it was darker than it is now. I have a picture hanging in my cube with the title "Penny for your Thought"
pixbytrix AT10 years ago
Hmmm. One wonders then what has been cleaning the penny.
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