Pentium 4 CPU hitting 75+ Degrees C (167 Degrees F)

Hi It's the good old Aussie summer and my computer doesn't like it one bit. Does anyone think a Pentium 4 CPU getting up to 75+ Degrees C (167 Degrees F) is a bit hot? The case only has only one case fan (in the power supply) Any suggestions to get it to run cooler? More fans? Water cooling?

Picture of Pentium 4 CPU hitting 75+ Degrees C (167 Degrees F)
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yourcat8 years ago
That's bad. I would add another fan, maybe in the side of the case right over the CPU?
thermoelectric (author)  yourcat8 years ago
Yeah, It's just that there is no place in the side of the case to do anything.........
thermoelectric (author)  yourcat8 years ago
guyfrom7up8 years ago
I don't know, but my computer runs very hot (my room has never been cold this winter, I'm actually sweating a bit, someitmes I have to open a window). One time when I was cleaning the heat sink I pulled out soooo much dust it was disgusting. Then I forgot to plug the cpu fan back in and started running the computer. Luckily after a while it shut down due to the thermal sensors. When I went to investigate the problem I burned my left hand on the heatsink. Owy
I'm with "guy" - the first thing to do is check to make sure that your current CPU fan/heatsink isn't clogged with dust!
thermoelectric (author)  westfw8 years ago
Yeah, If I take the heatsink assembly off, does that mean I need to replace the heat transferring compound?
You don't have to, but the CPU will be cooler if you replace the compound.
thermoelectric (author)  Plasmana8 years ago
To some extent, it'll depend on how much goop is still there, and what sort of shape it's in. On some heatsinks I've cleaned, there has been extra goop that was still plenty goopy (probably whoever had put it on originally had used too much), so I just scooped some up from "beside" the chip where is wasn't doing any good anyway, and put it back on top before replacing the heatsink. If there's very little, or if it's all dried up, you'll need to find new goop.
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