People Find How-To Videos Boring

According to TubeMogul, the audience drop-off rate for how-to videos is faster than general videos.

People Find "How-To" Videos Boring

Bad news for the many venture-backed "how-to" video startups such as eHow and Howcast,: People find their genre less engaging than the average Web video.

Keeping tabs on some 23 million video streams, Web video services firm TubeMogul says that how-to videos lose 15.21% more viewers after 10 seconds and 16.81% more viewers after 20 seconds than the average video.

When we started Instructables, one of the key features was our step-by-step format. As a human, you really can only do one thing at once, and multi-tasking is just quickly switching between tasks. So, we figured any complex process could be broken down into a series of steps that followed what its creator did.

Video is perfect for showing techniques or motion that are difficult to describe in text and pictures. However, when video is used to show things better seen as text and still images, it gets boring. I've always felt that video plays a role within a full step-by-step set of instructions, but can never eclipse them.

So, the take-home from the graph should be clear to future Instructables authors: keep your videos short and to the point if you want anyone to watch them. Save the rest for text and images, and the whole Instructable will be greater than the sum of its parts.

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Plasmana8 years ago
You mean people are bored of kipkay's videos too??? This is very surprising, I really enjoy kipkay's videos...
Kipkay's videos are typically one minute long. If you're going to make a video, try and keep it under one minute in general. You'd be surprised how much fluff and slow footage can be cut out of a 5 minute video. As you can see by the chart, half your audience is likely to be gone after a minute.
I see, you just need to cut out 'boring' bits to make a video interesting...
Pretty much. Cut to the quick and keep it flying like a bullet. When you're making a video it's easy to think that people really need to see the setup to understand what's going on. So people will show the scene for 5-10 seconds (or more) before anything happens. In truth you can get away with as little as half a second sometimes if it's set up with other footage first.
Hmm, interesting, so, on the videos, I should show the action and just explain the setup on the video description... Thank you for that useful tip! :-)
well, it varies from video to video. By "setup" here I meant what the scene in the video is. If the pieces are more complex or require explanation then you can still include it. Just edit the footage down.

That was my goal on the christmas cannon video. Have a quick sequence showing what's going on and then move right into the action.

very funny!
THAT WAS THE BEST! Hahahaha...Eric getting shot with tinsel...
Recommend going to YT and selecting the high-quality option. Looks much better.
Wow, it sure does! It's almost as though you enjoyed shooting Eric or something! :D

May I make a GIF using still images from the video?
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