People powered woody garden waste shredder

Would someone please make an instructable for a hand or bike powered 'shredder' or 'chipper'  that doesn't involve welding.  Bahi did a great one, but it requires welding, and we don't have that available.

The woody stuff that needs making into much smaller pieces are: orach stems, collard and kale stems, summer squash vines, perpetual spinach roots, tomato stems and Florence fennel stalks (they get to be about eight feet tall each year). 

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You need something with a lot of torque. Bikes may not do it. Though here is a bike mulcher:

Now, pedaling a bike generator to charge a battery and then running a small electric motor might be better. Slap up a home made solar panel to help out.

These guys made a hand powered shredder, the TMC-1:

Requires welding I think.

I'm going to make a hammermill myself. But it needs welding and about a 3-5 horsepower electric motor. Some examples:

You can buy plans for this mystery hammermill machine $15:

For the cheap/insane people you can convert your lawnmower:
mole1 (author)  KoffeeKommando6 years ago
Fantastic! Thank you!! This is exactly what I was hoping for.
The bike mulcher is small enough that it would be practical. Attaching it to a 5 or 10 speed bike (cheap at Goodwill) might solve the torque problem.
Prob. not. It will just make it harder to pedal I bet.

The guys doing bike generators are on it. Turning a generator with a bike lets you pedal at a steady rate of speed. Steady is what you want. Let the generated electricity do the work for you.

The little bike mulcher is a proper application, if you have only a little mulching to do. Try it first and see. Maybe it's all you need.

mole1 (author)  KoffeeKommando6 years ago
Pedaling at a steady speed would be much more comfortable. Thanks!
Am I missing something on the pedal mulcher? I didn't see any plans to build one or means to buy one ready made.
Yeah, I didn't see plans there. Goofy. These people "invent" things and never document what they display.

The TMC-1 I linked above has plans available. They are $30?
It's hand operated and meant for developing countries. So, it should be simple to build.

mole1 (author)  KoffeeKommando6 years ago
TMC-1 is probably the way to go. Thanks!!
TMC-1 plans are $40
Dr. Pepper6 years ago
Just find a way to bolt the parts that are welded together.
mole1 (author)  Dr. Pepper6 years ago
Thanks - it may come to that.
I really liked his use of a drill bit to break things. I use an old meat grinder to 'chop' zucchini (for bread)... a giant one of those would be nice - geared so a bike would have enough power. I have very little in the way of metal working skills.