People selling instructables on eBay?

I was browsing eBay for Aquariums, and came across this:
eBay Aquarium And it is plans for a coffee table aquarium. I remembered the instructable, and asked to see a sample, and it's a direct copy.

I find this disgraceful. I might report this to eBay.

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Josho (author) 9 years ago
Lol, forgot about this topic. I reported it to eBay, and emailed the guy, needless to say, it's gone. Keep an eye out for more.
Kiteman Josho9 years ago
I did also emailed him, pointing out the licence violations, and the item was gone before I got back to the description (see my Feb 6th posts for the exact timing).
tech-king9 years ago
feel free to. but the content here is free. i think anyone could build stuff from plans on this site and then sell it worry free. not sure though.
No, read the license agreement - you are not allowed to copy the 'ibles for financial gain. The ebayer claims to be the builder of the tank, but by providing the plans here for free he has undertaken to follow the terms of the license.
Kiteman Kiteman9 years ago
The seller ended this listing early because the item is no longer available for sale

Some People.....some people. Thats just not cool. Why cant people just get jobs ? m thirteen and nobody will give me a job!
im 14, and have an offer. maybe you should try smaller stores, where they might give you the interview.
You're only 14 ??
yeah. so? does that mean i lose my credibility? what difference does it make?
There is a bunch of teenagers, here, on Instructable, that I find particularly amazing.
They seems maturer and smarter than the average.

I think you can take my surprise about your age as a compliment. =o)
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