Pepakura armor

I would really want pepakura costume(s). Like a pepakura Iron Man helmet/armor or Halo helmet/armor. Other types also would be great. Dose not have to be pretty or even finished. Not 2D but 3D form. The reason I need this is because I cant scale the pepakura files no matter what I try. Also kinda lazy to print so much paper and spend countless hours putting it together. Honestly I prefer paying. If any questions feel free to ask I will respond ASAP. Thanks for reading.

(So you know what im talking about)

Picture of Pepakura armor
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Only Pepakura EDITOR can scale files. The free version won't save, but you can scale and print there.

juan sanchez (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
Not to be rude but i know that. I just cant get it to fit me. Plus it's uh too much work. and with my job, high school, JROTC and, my MARINE PT every damn day I don't have time not even in 2 years(No bull)
Life's like that. I doubt you can pay what it takes to make some of these models, unless someone's prepared to work at slave labour rates. My son worked constanttly for four days on a helmet. Are you prepated to pay over 300 bucks ?
juan sanchez (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
i made $220 today alone
So long as you are prepared to pay a decent rate, you might get someone interested. In fact, Astroboy2 has offered, since we pay him slave rates for pocket money ;-) Provide some working dimensions.
juan sanchez (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
true true.. oh, thanks for the info.