Pepakura files

Can anyone help me with finding some good Pepakura file sharing websites? I already know:

But is there any other sites? or links to files?

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Alanray641 month ago

Its astonishing that all the links bar the 405th are no longer in existence.

mchau21 year ago

Best source of pep files is from your creative mind!! I have expressed some of my view about pep files. I dont reject the use of it. Especially if you made a 3d model your self, then convert it to pep to use. Or you heavily modified other's work. Excessive use of other's pep is not really crafting to me. All the cutting and sticking and sanding and painting is not very fun for me!!

JoeW791 year ago, dali lomo website, and

GL18812 years ago
at's a face book group they have all what you need
but make sure to read the pained post ;)