Perceptual ART in motion

This little Wizard, my Grandson now in third grade, built and soldered the circuit of this perceptual motion kit.
I only added the two V grooved screws to stabilize the totter edge and allow height adjustment.
The screws were hand filed to provide a stable fulcrum for the rower.

Picture of Perceptual  ART  in  motion
iceng (author) 3 years ago

Here is the PCB soldered by a Wizard known to me ....

BTW the vid is improved :)

Solder side.JPGComponent side.JPG
iceng (author) 3 years ago

OK a decent video is available to see the kit this boy soldered and built.....

iceng (author) 3 years ago

I pay extra $40 to get an editor for apple iPod movie and they deliver an editor to change screen sizes..... BAH !!.

Ill transfer this thru YouTube and be back sorry.

The boy has good reason to be proud of his achievement.