Percipitants used for Gold recovery from Auqa Regia

I tried to use the Storm method of gold recovery, but found I didn't have enough precipitant. There isn't enough to warrant spending money (his prices) for more. Any ideas on what I can use to recover the gold from solution in a quart size jar? It's been sitting here for about 3 months, and I want it a done deal. Thanks in advance.

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Phildig8 years ago
Hey Bro, It depends on what leach you used .If you used salt and nitric acid then use Hydrazine it's a rocket fuel additive some ammonia but not. it's hard to get go to Gold test kit by asite Then if you used a leach made from Hcl/Cl  which is Muratic acid and a splash of clorox bleach do not breath at all. then use Sodium bi metasulfate. that's Stump out brand stump removal powder. Those are the two besides Stannous chloride and I don/t know about storm? how do I find that?
NachoMahma9 years ago
. ferrous sulphate
Hey nacho does ferrous sulfate drop out from diffrent leaches?what is good when leaching with thiosulfate leach to drop as percipitant?
.  I have no idea. I found the ferrous sulfate trick via Google.