Perfect Puppy Buddy

To me, this is not one of the better versions of an imitation pet, but it is still called My Perfect Puppy.

Can be seen here....

Or the site info here

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a cat!!
Goodhart (author)  Iwantbigboom6 years ago
At LEAST this puppy (unlike your cat idea) doesn't wet or mess on the carpet and tear up the furniture....
no, a cat to attack.
Goodhart (author)  Iwantbigboom6 years ago
Hmm, only marginally better then attack Guinea Pigs:

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mary candy7 years ago
I have 2 opinions:
First: this is fantastic , because of the technologie.
Sec: Man, why does a kid need it ?
See it:
and I don't need to see anything more..........
Goodhart (author)  mary candy7 years ago
yes, it is sad, but maybe with more "automation" they will put the puppy mills out of business? We can always hope.....

Even though it doesn't LOOK like a dog, Sony's Aibo seems much more "realistic".
realistic??? a robot ??
sadly I see what really realistic is here where I live.
It is a "eco-city" ... but I see every day ,dogs dead from hunger and
asking ,... begging for love of someone..
sorry but it brings me to the nerves.

If I could , I would save more pets from the streets.
Everyone could save one instead buying a robot.

It makes no sense , I know, if we are speaking about technologies.
:P I love techs.,, but
maybe this fabrics could make something , that wouldn't take the place of
a real pet ... or human.. some day it can happen.
Goodhart (author)  mary candy6 years ago
for children with allergies? :-)
One year late ahahahahhaa
yes maybe it is good to then.
Allergies suck!
Goodhart (author)  mary candy6 years ago
Yeah, I just remembered my allergies....its been awhile since I had suffered from the time I was 35 or so I seemed to have outgrown them :-)
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