We all want our guns to shoot far and to fire fast, but how much performance do we actually need? Makers of Oodammo pistols boast that they shoot 60 - 70 feet, but there is no way that you can reliably hit a moving target with a knex gun at that range with any weapon, especially pistols.

A good weapon should be able to fire fast, and be accurate to say 30 feet. This would allow the said gun to hit targets ar range reliably.

Think about it.

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TheDunkis6 years ago
Someone else gets it finally. -_-
Well, the KIers get it now, but they're still going to argue that range is super important. Really, we should be working on shotguns and perfecting RBGs, in my opinion.
By the way, kittens are omnomnommy.
Fred the Penguin (author)  TheDunkis6 years ago
Fully agreed, a light simple gun will allow you to dodge and get in close where you can unload

Kitten soup = :)
don't forget you'll be charging a team with TRs an other longer ranged K'nex guns that all will have a shot or two an ya before you have a chance to shoot even once
it sounds simple but its harder than it seems
You can also only fire a gun effectively in front of you. Once you are put on the run, I can still fire, you can't. But that's not my strategy to just rush in. I've always been a sort of flanker. Assuming I have team mates using longer range weapons as well, it's not like you'll have your entire focus on me after all.
i agree flanking would be the desired technique but both semis and shotguns had a difficult time getting in range and/or flanking the opposite team because everyone was watching everyone's back so even if you went after one guy 2 or 3 other guys were still in range to shoot you... ask ooda how is semi worked out at the war... or ask me lol i used a shotgun for a few rounds an although it worked well if/when i could get close in i was more often shot before i could even get a shot off... i promise you its harder than it sounds lol
but im not saying im against ROF or shotguns its just a matter of making them better right now before they will be truely effective against the standard long range guns
Because range is important. A gun that gets better range will shoot faster at the 30-40 foot mark than one that just barely shoots that far. Besides that they used shotguns quite a bit at pande' 11. Mepain even went as far as to make a double barreled shotgun which he bragged about for a bit on the KIchat.
Semi autos are important too, especially at the 30-40 foot range. The WASP will be improving this greatly.
Y'know, I thought about it, and while there's greater ease in just pulling the trigger, couldn't you rapidly pull back the pin only part way on other guns? You'll get similar range without needing to use a specially designed semi automatic gun.
If however, the guns have the same specs as far as shooting goes, the extra half second lets say may be a help. Especially since all knex guns are "specially designed" if you think about it. I see what you mean though.
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