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I am a passionate pet owner, and belive that Instructables should have a Pet Contest sponsered by Petco or some other company like that. The Pet Contest could allow any entries that are pet realated - Pet food, pet clothes, pet toys, etc. Is anyone else with me? Please make a Pet Contest Instructables!

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SparkySolar2 years ago

I love my Pets.

From the left JJ for Jabberjaw, my 20 year old AFRICAN GREY,

afew years ago she fell off her perch and wobbled in circles, She was found to be totally blind ? stroke.

Next is JD JUST DOG. He can't wait for his newly hand made 14+ feet leash

He is a people person.

We do not have a picture of our 1 eyed rescue cat Cheetah. She is currently crated, she has been fighting with everyone, excessively drinking and urinating. The Vet cant find anything after a -------- of x rays blood work ect. I must admit she has cost so much damage to the house. she attacked me 2 days ago left me with 8 puncture wounds.

Death row.

and then lastly. Sonja got a kitten from her Boyfriend. He has talent. 1-2 mice a week. every mouse is more mutilated, and more blood in house. but he is sweet and was raised

by my daughter since day 3

DeathxMx3 years ago

that would be great she need a cool house xD

JosueKEllis3 years ago

Carley is trying to find a good

One is coming! I can't say when, but we're actively looking into it as a contest theme right now. Carley is trying to find a good sponsor. :)

Just so it isn't a "cutest" pet contest....that is so relative and hard to judge from one dog to the next cavie :-D

Chikpea (author)  jessyratfink4 years ago
Thank you all! Now my forum actually has some real comments! :)

Great idea! I am 100% on board if this happens.

Chikpea (author)  ChippMarshal3 years ago

Thanks! :)

DIY93934 years ago
I agree! I often volunteer at animal shelters and love animals.

I don't know if you are a car person but I think Inscrutable should do a Classic Car Make-Over Contest. Take in your old rust buckets and make them look nice again!
Chikpea (author)  DIY93934 years ago
I have volenteered at animal shelters as well! Your Car make-Over Contest sounds wonderful as well! It would be awesome to see the cool car ideas people have. Thanks for commenting!
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