Pets I didn't know I had.

I was doing a little Spring cleaning around the lab, er.. basement, recently, when I discovered this specimen on the floor, in between some cardboard boxes, in what was formerly a really big pile of junk-filled cardboard boxes.

It's a dead mouse.  In the picture you can see its skull, a hind leg, its spine curving, and trailing away into a long mousy tail, and, uh... it kinda looks like it's been dead for a while now.  Likely a year, or more. It's been a while since I've been this deep into the big ol' pile o' boxes.  Amazingly, there's no blood, no flesh, and no strong smell either. This mouse is just bones and dust now.

Along with the mouse I found a whole bunch of little capsule-like objects. I think these are discarded puparia, left over from when the maggots graduated into their adult, fly, stage. The one I'm picking up with the tweezers, the one I wanted my camera to focus on, is out of focus, but the others, on the rug, are sharp and easy to see.

These various creatures lived out their lives in a not-often-visited corner of my house, without me really being aware they were there, and it made me think that the distinction between the inside of my house, where I live, and the outside of the house, where nature and wild animals live... well, it's kind of an artificial distinction, because clearly there are wild animals living in my basement!

Anyway, probably the sane way to look at this is not as a nature documentary, but as a warning not to let too much junk pile up inside your house.

Picture of Pets I didn't know I had.
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fenderphil6 years ago
You mention wild animals living in the basement...Well for certain this one would be (Wild) In fact he looks pretty peed off ha ha. Perhaps he was bad and they designated your home as a "Halfway Mouse" He probably didn't have much of a life, his friends were a bunch of rats. He may have been working at the local hotel as a Doormouse.

Don't shoot the messenger
Jack A Lopez (author)  fenderphil6 years ago
I don't think I could shoot anybody... at least not without asking a few questions first. 

It's important to get those in the right order.  If you shoot first, and then ask questions, it doesn't work as well.  Also regarding questions, you should always treat any question you find as though it might be loaded.  That's just good safe practice.  The face you save could be your own.
Jack A Lopez (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
Dang pandas! Nothing but trouble. One time I walked into a bar with a panda, and the bartender said, "You can't bring that animal in here!"

And when I asked why not, the bartender said, "I was talking to the panda."
Kiteman6 years ago
Yep, there's quite an ecosystem ANYWHERE on the skin *chuckle*
LoneWolf6 years ago
Speaking of animal carcasses....... We just found a dead bat on our porch.
Indeed lol
One possible reason for this lonewolf is a little known fact that if bats are grounded, they cannot take off as they do not have sufficient lift from their wings for this manouvre. That's why they drop and fly. I have seen arguements for and against this statement however. Perhaps a bunch of Crickets killed it.?
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