Pets Month Winners Announced

Instructables is happy to announce the prizewinners from Pets Month!

We asked you to show your love for your pets and you did with Instructables dedicated to chickens, cats, dogs, fish, reptiles, and more! Some fantastic information was shared and we hope that you all continue to make more Instructables to help other pet owners.

So thanks again to everyone who entered. Now, on with the winners!

Top Votes and Pageviews

The authors of these three Instructables will each receive an Instructables robot t-shirt.

Top Votes


The Easy Way to Cut Your Ferret's Toenails
by lbaran

Tips For Chickens
by zako

How to pill a cat, the easy way
by sunitgir

Judges Selections

Cat-Powered Automatic Cat Feeder
by labelreader

Vibrating Deaf Dog Caller Collar
by arcticpenguin

Patch Winners

The authors of these Instructables will each receive an Instructables robot patch.

Random Prize - For being lucky enough to have its name selected by Linus, the author of this Instructable will receive an Instructables robot t-shirt.

and the random winner is...
this entry from someone who likes to control the dust.

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Goodhart9 years ago
Hey thank you for the patch and stickers (not to mention the nice Star Wars stamp on the envelope :-).
Picture or Video 001.jpg
ll.13 Goodhart9 years ago
Mine was sent with star-wars stamps too! :-)

-I have the letter in my stamp album. (oh dear, how sad!)
I have to find something to do with


these patches!! Maybe a shirt made of patches. Probably uncomfortable though. Cool that I won something thanks to my cat Oliver!!!
They could end up calling you Patch Adams LOL (movie reference)
hmm, my Robin Williamsesque multi-personalities is a good thing in that case.....I don't have multiple personalities, I just said that for the joke lol.
I know :-) I don't have multiple personalities, and neither do I :-)
We do...
If you caught my meaning, mine are obviously in denial LOL
i did I just thought I throw my 4 cents in...
I only have one cent (you know the saying, I don't have two pennies to rub to WHY I would rub them together....that is another saga LOL).
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