Any ideas for homemade pet toys or treats that cost under $10.00 are welcome Here are a few examples: Hamster hammock,dog bed,cat castle,dog treats,cat teaser. Or anything else you can think of !!!

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happyjo7 years ago
You can cut up an old shirt or pair o' pants into 3 strips and braid it for a tug-o-war- thingy-ma-bobber.
maggiemaytag10 years ago
Check out the forums and resources at Crafty Critters: Lots of good ideas!
Your link doesn't work, because there is a period on the end of the Addy; Try this ....
Goodhart10 years ago
Cavies (guinea pigs) are easy. A block of untreated wood (for them to gnaw on) and a cardboard tube (like Quaker Oats come in) for them to hide in....and they are quite content. They aren't much into climbing or anything....
shooter129 (author) 10 years ago
canida10 years ago
We made some hamster tubes out of PVC pipe and internally-ribbed plastic hose a while back- I'll have to dig around and try to find pictures. Very cheap, and fun to configure.