Phasma - biomimetics as art

On the face of it, Phasma is just another hexapod robot.

Get a bit closer, though, and see an interesting difference: it has cable-actuated legs.  Driven the same way as bicycle brakes, they have rubber "knees" to redirect the basic pushing action into useful motion.

Speaking of the motion...

The whole thing is mechanical in the extreme, but the bouncing cable-drives and scurrying action are very "live".  If this thing ran across my floor, I'd swat it in no short order.

Takram Engineering via Notcot.

Picture of Phasma - biomimetics as art
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epic do you know if theres a way that the cables don't have to be so long? that would look better and it would get snagged on less.
JUST so im clear; ME WANT!!!!1!!!! :p
Kiteman (author)  DehLeprechaun7 years ago
I think, if the cables were any shorter, they would curve too tightly to work.
that makes sense
I3uckwheat7 years ago
Now to only make it remote controlled.
Kiteman (author)  I3uckwheat7 years ago
I think it is - that wire trails, but does not seem to connect to anything.
. heehee First thought I had when I saw it was "What a tacky antenna."
yeah, looks like what came on my miniature remote control car.
maby i just thought it ran around like a bristle bot.
KentsOkay7 years ago
Pretty cool but...

>adds Mini Insectoid Killer Robot subset to the Killer Robot heading on his Oh Crap List

Why the big cable loops?
CrLz7 years ago
Damn thing looks like a face hugger. Sweet locomotion idea however. Being creepy (no pun intended), never looked so smooth.
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