Phineas OR Ferb?

Who do YOU like better? Phineas or Ferb?

Picture of Phineas OR Ferb?
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RheinLW3 years ago
Ferb too, though I phonetically suggest his last name is Ball,
as in Ferb Ball :)
ferb he has a brittish accent
FERB!!!! he sings "Party Rock Anthem" on youtube

....or you could look on MJMStudiosLA's channel
23baller4 years ago
I think Ferb is the best
happyjo (author)  23baller4 years ago
Yay! Ferb wins!
dog digger4 years ago
and Ferb
and Doofenshmirtz
happyjo (author)  dog digger4 years ago
:D Yep, they all are pretty epic!
iceng4 years ago

I like the writers, my wife lets me and my 3d daughter a Civil stress analyst Eng watch the show in the house.
AndyGadget4 years ago
happyjo (author)  AndyGadget4 years ago
Wow! That was a very...strange hypnotizing toad! But everyone's gotta love him!
ElvenChild4 years ago
doofenshmirtz and if you dont agree I will blast you out of existence with my blastinator
happyjo (author)  ElvenChild4 years ago
Noo! NOT THE BLASTINATOR! Ha! WEll even though you have a powerful weapon , i have something even, better.........PERRY! :D he will save me! :D
If I had more time to spend building stuff, my projects would probably be more
in the line of some kind of "XXX-inator"
happyjo (author)  LargeMouthBass4 years ago
FERB he is much cooler and he is the one that usually builds the things.
happyjo (author)  Kaptain Kool4 years ago
:D Yesh, he puts in most the work and Phineas is the talker!
splazem4 years ago
What about the other characters. My all-time favorite is Biff. But if I had to pick, I would pick Ferb.
happyjo (author)  splazem4 years ago
Yes! Baljeet, Isabelle, Candice, and more! I just narrowed it down to the 2 main ones! Wow! Ferb is everyone's choice!
Dumchicken4 years ago
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllll hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
ferb he is awesome
happyjo (author)  Dumchicken4 years ago
Same as everyone else! :D
ferb obviously cause he has green hair :)
happyjo (author)  patriots88884 years ago
OH yeah! Green hair is the best! :D
for crazy hair day i stuck my hair up and used green hairspray stuff
happyjo (author)  patriots88884 years ago
Awesome! For a Halloween party I was all green! I had green hair and many other green things! :D By the way, I am the biggest fan of green! :D
i know me too green is the best color of all time
happyjo (author)  patriots88884 years ago
tim14 years ago
perry is the bomb!!!!!!!
happyjo (author)  tim14 years ago
Kiteman4 years ago
Nobody seems to have asked: why "or"?
whiskrs5 years ago
Ferb is too awesome against Phineas......
happyjo (author)  whiskrs5 years ago
Ferb is the best! I LOVE him!
I agree!
happyjo (author)  Dr. Pepper5 years ago
He is silent in a loverly way!
That's so true!
happyjo (author)  Dr. Pepper5 years ago
And his accent is to die for! <3
whiskrs happyjo5 years ago
Lol I just love how he is always coming up with witty phrases and such
happyjo (author)  whiskrs5 years ago
Yes, Everything is just SO unexpected!
whiskrs happyjo5 years ago
Go Ferb!!!!!
happyjo (author)  whiskrs5 years ago
whiskrs happyjo5 years ago
happyjo (author)  whiskrs5 years ago
How are you whiskrs?
whiskrs happyjo5 years ago
rather tired and a smidge sick
And my possible friend happyjo is.......
happyjo (author)  whiskrs5 years ago
oh, i hope you feel better! Your friend happyjo is hyper-excited! I had a really good choral concert and I can't wait to go to the state level spelling bee!!!!!!!
whiskrs happyjo5 years ago
wow, you made the state!
Thats awesome!
happyjo (author)  whiskrs5 years ago
Yep! I can't wait! My friend had a hamster named Whiskers, actually the hamster was my hamster's bro. That was a loooong time ago.
whiskrs happyjo5 years ago
hahahaha, thats pretty good
happyjo (author)  whiskrs5 years ago
:D Yeah, first thought that came to my mind :D
whiskrs happyjo5 years ago
happyjo (author)  whiskrs5 years ago
whiskrs happyjo5 years ago
hmmmmmmmm........ideas for what to do when sick.......hmmmmmm....
happyjo (author)  whiskrs5 years ago
How about...Get better? I don't know, read a book, write a story, draw!
whiskrs happyjo5 years ago
good plan
happyjo (author)  whiskrs5 years ago
:D Now see through with it! :D
whiskrs happyjo5 years ago
happyjo (author)  whiskrs5 years ago
Are you feeling the slightest bit better?
whiskrs happyjo5 years ago
yes, yes i am
happyjo (author)  whiskrs5 years ago
:D Good to hear! And Happy Valentine's Day! :D <3
whiskrs happyjo4 years ago
oh ya, haha I forgot
happyjo (author)  whiskrs4 years ago
Did you get any candy?
Ah did you pick up that "bug" that is going around? My wife was kind enough, after suffering with it for 2 weeks, to share it with me.....and I normally don't get sick.

Although, with this one, I have only gotten a mild sore throat and just feeling tired all the time.  
I know!
Tornado965 years ago
I'll go with the beach singer!! AKA FERB!!!!
happyjo (author)  Tornado965 years ago
Of course!
Plus how can you not love those bug eyes!
Quote! I was weak
"I know what we're going to do today Ferb!"
"A Platypus?..... PERRY THE PLATYPUS!?!?!?!?!
Goodhart5 years ago
I'd never seen this before :-)
Ah, finally found it....on the Disney channel (no wonder I hadn't seen it before :-)
Biggsy5 years ago
Neither.. Perry is better than both of them put together!
happyjo (author)  Biggsy5 years ago
Dooobee dooowa doowa dooobee dooowa dooowa, PE-ERY!