Phineas OR Ferb?

Who do YOU like better? Phineas or Ferb?

Picture of Phineas OR Ferb?
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RheinLW5 years ago
Ferb too, though I phonetically suggest his last name is Ball,
as in Ferb Ball :)
ferb he has a brittish accent
FERB!!!! he sings "Party Rock Anthem" on youtube
....or you could look on MJMStudiosLA's channel
23baller6 years ago
I think Ferb is the best
happyjo (author)  23baller6 years ago
Yay! Ferb wins!
dog digger6 years ago
and Ferb
and Doofenshmirtz
happyjo (author)  dog digger6 years ago
:D Yep, they all are pretty epic!
iceng6 years ago

I like the writers, my wife lets me and my 3d daughter a Civil stress analyst Eng watch the show in the house.
AndyGadget6 years ago
happyjo (author)  AndyGadget6 years ago
Wow! That was a very...strange hypnotizing toad! But everyone's gotta love him!
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