"Phishing" on the Pixlr Editor

I am now editing my Instructable, And I wanted to add text to a picture, But I can't do that because Google is blocking Pixlr because it has a "Phishing attack"

Why is this?

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crazyg1 year ago

pixlr is being fishy on firefox, freezing when saving.

ps the only extra iv got running on ff is ublock and nothing else, ff flash and java up to date and its still using loads of memory. 250000k 2 email tabs this help page and the instructable editor.

supereric1 year ago

I wanted to jump back in and let you know that I think this issue is now solved, but if you still see a warning message please let us know.

supereric2 years ago

Hey there. I wanted to pop in here. I'm the community manager for Pixlr, and I work in the same building with Instructables folks (and occasionally make an Instructable myself in our test kitchen). Instructables uses the Pixlr Express web editor, and I am very sorry to say that we have just seen this issue pop up today. I wrote a quick "known issue" article here that may explain some of the details. I hope we can get this solved quickly. So far, we have seen this issue reported from Chrome users but not people who use other browsers, but in any event I can understand your concern about a warning like this. I will do my best to come back and update you as I have more info.

Yonatan24 (author)  supereric2 years ago

Thanks, I use Chrome too...

No such problems here but I don't use online services to fix my pics anyway.
Sure you still get the error?