Photo Upload question for Book Contest

I usually put my logo and url in nearly all my photos and shrink them down to 640 X 480.
When I upload the bigger pics, should I remove the logo and url for the sake of the editors?
Just wondering.

It's for this instructable:
IKEA lamp hack

Picture of Photo Upload question for Book Contest
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zachninme9 years ago
Don't worry about cropping them to 640x480. Instructables already resizes photos into a variety of sizes, and the ones used in instructables are appropriately-sized.
We'll be looking for the highest-res images with the least amount of color correction/Photoshop handling, and honestly, when it comes down to the time crunch, we'll likely end up choosing a project with great photos over one with poor images even if the project itself is good.
Kiteman9 years ago
Don't stress it - if they want your project for The Book, and if they're bothered about the logo, then they'll probably ask you for original images.

I wouldn't be surprised if some photos get cropped anyway, which automatically eliminates the problem.
corinna.anni.roc (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
This was from the newsletter that this question in based on:

- Upload bigger pictures. Putting up higher-resolution images gives the editors more to work with and improves the look of an Instructable in print.

Sigh. Time to upload then...
Ah... (checks) >phew< Mine are as large as I took them.